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  1. Forum LAG TIME

    Logged on at 04:22 AM CST and logged off at 04:42 AM or so - Saturday Dec. 09 and noticed extreme page load times - averaging 40 to 50 seconds.

    Has anyone else noticed this lag at other times throughout the day?

    It is not at my end because I verified my connect speed at 4.87 mb/sec -

    Just curious as to traffic in and out of the server that this forum is hosted by and any issues that they may be having...
  2. I have noticed this Pastor Gary, has this been happening for some time now? How long have you been experiencing this?

    I've emailed the hosting company and I am waiting for a reply.
  3. Just a couple of days, Jeff, but at 04:30 hours, this should not be occurring UNLESS that is the time of day (or early morning) that they do server maintenance???
  4. They said that it might have been a runaway script or minor ddos attack and thay they rebooted the server.

    How is it now? Any change? :blush02: Its faster for me.
  5. Seems just fine this morning, Jeff...

    Page loads for me here now are less than a second, as it was early on.
  6. From 12:25 to 15:05 hrs CST 13 December 2006 -

    Tried on a couple of occasions to log in... page load times were in excess of 2 minutes again. It took 7 1/2 minutes for me to log in, check for new PM's and log out... normally a 30 second procedure.
  7. Thanks Pastor Gary, I'll try find a solution to the frequent lag times. :)

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