Forum Junkies time saver

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Jasher, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Forum Junkies time saver

  2. Hey I have last years model!:D
  3. I saw the 2008 model at Home depot last week - it has a fridge and a microwave with it. Wow - that's real living. Put a couch nearby and...
  4. You have to download it.
  5. Oh You guys are too much...LOL

  6. Hey Larry 11......Where did you get that photo from?
  7. I'm not sure with something so upscale as that, that I could afford to take the plunge.
  8. Ha Ha! How can yo afford not to?:D
  9. Just ran across it transferring stuff from my old computer - probably been there for years. Origin unknown - I'm afraid.

    Larry II
  10. Don't need any - did I mention that it is also a Bidet?
  11. Then there is also the printer paper in an emergancy. If you get your fast food delivered you won't have to get up at all!:D
  12. Kind of makes you hope that the Lord's return is delayed - doesn't it? ;););)
  13. No :D ! If you want I can leave you the chair- LOL!
  14. Oh and I like your avator.... Neat. Larry 11
  15. Just in, some new acessories:

  16. Ha Ha .... Funny.

  17. It's supposto look like this... Isn't she purdy? Lipstick does a lot for her - don't you think?

  18. I like that .... It's so cute. Never mind telling me how to do it as I will never be able to do all that. I just copy stuff. In other words , I am a copy cat.:D:D:D

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