Forgiving those who have hurt you

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  1. Forgiving those who have hurt you

    Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt You

    Forgive, forgive, forgive. This is a word we see, and hear, constantly in God's Word. He tells us to forgive, and to love our enemies. But sometimes, you don't want to forgive. It's something we all struggle with in our walk but one of the many steps to gaining power over sin.

    We are all hurt by someone in our lifetimes. Either a family member, a friend, a spouse, or a complete stranger, we are hurt. Sometimes we are hurt more than others. Sometimes we are so hurt we feel as if we can never get back up.

    That hurt and sorrow eventually turns to anger and hatred. Hatred darkens our hearts from the Truth and from one of the many emotions we are told to have for everyone - love.

    While we know what those persons did to us is wrong, we still must forgive them. We must understand that they, just like us, have problems, too and have extended those problems to you because they have no one else to do so. No one is perfect and we all must realize one day the hurt others have up under their feelings and actions.

    Whether or not you forgive that person is your choice. But think about it. Does God hate them? No. Of course, He doesn't like what they do but He doesn't hate the person themselves. Neither should you. Even if you feel justified to hate someone for the rest of your life, again it is your own choice.

    I am saying this because, I have been hurt in the past by my father. I never had a "father", in the literal sense. I hated my father up until I understood how many hurt and pain he used to have. He never had "parents" in the literal sense, just a mother who likes to gossip about others and a father who goes along with it all and never says anything against it.

    I could hate my father for it, but I don't because I forgave him. It was hard and long and I used to be fitfully angry with him. I had a right to be, but I allowed God to deal with that anger, not myself. Of course, it may not be easy for some. But God is my Father, my Friend...He is everything for me. Whether or not you will still close your heart up and let hatred breed inside of you instead of letting forgiveness in, again, is your choice. It is between you and God because He created that person...just like He created you. He loves us all very much, and that even extends to some certain persons I will not mention here.


    The lesson we have learned today:

    Please think on this subject deeply: I say this because I had to. Human nature is to hate and backlash at those who have mistreated us. A Christ-like nature is to forgive those who have hurt us. Forgive and forget. The more you fret and worry and spat about it the more you hate the person.

    It is your own choice: We have the choice of whether to forgive the person or continue hating them. But, what does hating accomplish? It only makes your life more miserable and gives more power to the person because you keep worrying about it. You keep hating them for something that has already happened. Again - what does hating accomplish? Nothing whatsoever. It only in turn hurts you more than the other person.


  2. Forgiveness is one of the most important (and freeing) steps in the Christian journey.:)
    Thanks Near!
  3. Amen Nearer . Good advise form one who has been there.

    I am so proud of you . and yes it is liberating to forgive and how many times does Jesus say ? sevenenty x seven

    We were studying in Genesis last night and even way back in Sarah and Abraham's time . When Sarah lied , to God . God still forgave her and Abraham so many times over their unbelief .

    They tried to help God but God was still faithful and followed through with His promises. And even us we must also wait for God's fullfillment in our lives and not rush ahead and try to fix things.

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