Forgiveness brings joy

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  1. Here is a story:
    My mom bought me some philly cheese steak hot pockets (a two pack) and my brother some hot pockets as well (also a two pack). I didn't eat my hot pockets for a while because my mom said it was for breakfast and I couldn't stop eating these delicious waffles.
    One day, I decided to deny the waffles and finally eat a hot pocket. But I found that one of my hot pockets were gone. I immediately suspected that my brother took it because neither of my parents eat that. So I was a bit angry at him. But I decided to forgive him right away, so I wouldn't stay angry.
    This morning (May 9th), I decided to eat the hot pocket, and I forgave my brother completely for eating my hot pocket. All I can say is that forgiveness brings joy and peace. I know that it can be hard to forgive sometimes, but it is harder to stay angry at a person than to forgive them, I believe.
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  2. Yea if you stay angry at someone you cant really sleep.
    That is why the bible says dont let the sun go down on your anger.
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  3. Like I said a minute ago Mr Juk, I am so proud of you and the way you are growing up In Christ. Keep up the awesome work my Brother.
    God Bless You...P.S Now I want some waffles and hot pockets...Gee thanks !!
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  4. :LOL::LOL:
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