For those who were envoved in the Occult

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Beloved, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. For those who were envoved in the Occult

    I found an old study paper helping those who were once involved in the various forms of the occult... It is alot to type though if anyone is interested let me know:)

    Have a blessed weekend:D youall
  2. Helping how?
  3. Its divided into 3 sections

    The Teaching is called "Freedom from the Occult"

    1st part is called "Forbidden by Scripture" it list scriptual references from the old and new testament...

    2nd part is called "The Door Must Be Closed By You" which speaks of oppressing spirits, and the symptoms of being oppressed ( not possessed )

    3rd part is " Have You Been Invoved"? list about 20 areas of involvement in the occult by the person or there family history...

    Everyone have a blessed weekend, see you later...:israel:
  4. God does this for you,shield of God.
  5. I guess this means that no one here has ever been involved in the occult, or does not want a discussion:confused:

    Maybe its not appropiate... :confused: I found this old study paper given to me many years ago... Not taken it seriously and already being a committed Christian it was actually years later after it was given to me that I read it... Sitting about 3 or 4 yards from an opened window, when i pick this study from a stack of other christian papers I was going through a violent burst of wind slapped this paper from my hand, I picked it up only to have another burst of wind try to slap it out of my hand again... I heard rumblings as I noticed a storm coming my way... When I read it, proceeded to repent, and rebuke and so forth as I had to move into the bedroom for fear the windows were going to break... As I sat on the floor praying the bedroom door slammed closed as I use the word closed in my prayer and a few minutes later open violently against the wall, as I prayed and used the word open... My home was shaking due to this terrible storm, but when I was finished and said amen the storm ended ... When I looked out the window it was moving down the valley...

    So maybe I mis-understood all these events... but it appears to me that though I had been a Christian for many years, their were what could be called residue within me from my past...

    I also recieved a clearer understanding of what we could call in our society mild occult or culturally accepted occult practices...

    Have a restful night everyone, with only sweet dreams in Jesus name...:shepherd:
  6. I think the paper sounds interesting. :) How much is it to type?
  7. I will try to scan it and post if thats OK with the moderators...

    If that doesn't work I type it in sections... If thats OK with the moderators
  8. depends on what you mean by "the occult" . :) .. and how "involved" you mean..
  9. Beloved ~

    It sounds like a very interesting paper. I have found that several people that I've been in touch with have some level of the occult in their background/testimony. I would be interested in reading this paper and what you'd like to share about it. Do you know who the author of it is? (Just curious)

    I don't want you to have to go to any trouble to share it, mind you. If I can help you with typing it, etc. let me know, ok? :)
  10. Feel free to email it to me so I can look at it before you post it completely. And to say nobody here was involved in the occult...let's say, you are might wanna check out a few more of my posts. I was into just about everything, but I simply have no interest in returning to that life.
  11. Hello :israel:my bros. and sis. in the Lord... I scanned the paper but don't know how to send the scan yet. I have a couple of moderaters helping... I hope it is approved so one of them will see it first before it is posted... I don't want to upset anyone...

    No, I actually don't know where it came from... An old friend whom I am no longer in contact with gave it to me many years ago... It was a study I believe in her church...:shepherd:
  12. I too am interested in the subject...if my involvement in the discussion is not unwelcome.
  13. You are always welcome brother!:D
  14. Well, thats ONE vote LOL.
    I will defer to Beloved's wishes as it is apparent that my views are somewhat contrary on this subject.

    As for getting the paper posted...if you've scanned it all you need is an OCR to convert it to modifiable text...then copy-paste it. OR...if the site allows you to put it up as an attachment people could download it and read it offline.

    Here is a free OCR, there are others if you just Google "open source OCR"
  15. You are very welcomed like evry other sibling in the Lord to join in discussing this whether you agree or not... Every question or subject posted seems to be multifaceted and while some teach others learn... It's also seems to be like pounding dough and releasing some frustrations while making it ready to become bread...LOL LOL :D

    and thank you about the OCR info...

    But I don't know what a OCR is but from past experience I allow my husband to make the decision on what to download on his computer when he gets home...
  16. Thanks Beloved...I look forward to seeing the paper and learning from everyones input.:)

    OCR stands for Optical Image basically takes a scanned image of text and "recognizes" the characters-translating them into text you can modify with any text editor or word processor. A scanned image is just a picture, which is why you can't edit the text, it has to be converted so a program like MS Word can recognize it.

    The file I linked to is a .tar file, meaning it is compressed so you can download it faster. You may need another piece of software to decompress it (ain't technology nice and simple?;))

    I recommend 7-zip (it's free and doesn't ask you to register) Just let it install and you'll be able to open the .tar file
    Choose the 32 bit version top of the list...assuming you're on a PC.
    I'm sure your hubby will be able to get it all going for typing!!!! Especially if you type 40 mistakes per minute like me. (grin)
  17. Thank You :D I give hubby the info... A few minutes ago I sent Boanerges the link on I trust his judgement on whether this is an acceptable post...

    I noticed on the paper in handwriting it was a Study on Freedom from Bondages... So this one on the Occult in just one part... Hopefully someone by now has the complete study on their website...

    I am hoping and praying :groupray:that this will set some people free so they with be fresh and anew for the coming year...
  18. Here is the link for you guys: I just clicked on it... you must wait a few seconds for it to enlarge enough for you to read it...

    Larry this was the only paper given to me...

    The second part "The Door must be closed by You" through Faith and Positive action,............

    I would think means as the Holy Spirit leads you to be convicted, repentence, close up any activities you are now or have done after your Salvation... The Truth Will set all of us free...
  19. Not to take the thread off-track... but I just wanted to say THANK YOU seeking, for this great info! :)
  20. Many of the "practices" outlined in the paper are not occult at all.

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