For Those That Get Offended Easy. We Have A Jokester On The Loose.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by MichaelH, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Anyway I got a p.m........... It read.

    Greetings! I've been stalking this forum for a while because I hate Christians and I enjoy attacking people from the safety of my keyboard. You may remember me from a couple weeks ago - JohnFaith82 - and then another account which I already forget the name of. Anyway, you seem to be one of the more mentally diseased people on this site. I mean, you fucking told ants to leave in the name of Jesus Christ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And then you think they were killed because of that? Just fucking wow. Diseases seem to run rampant in your family. How's your son by the way? Is he dead from the cancer yet? I'm not sure if you mentioned it in any of your posts. Also, is that the same son who sprayed the ants after you failed to do anything about them? Just wondering.

    Thanks And Have A Wonderful Life,

    P.S. I'll be back in a couple weeks.

    Just giving a heads up in case someone else gets a P.M from this guy. I told him my son was fine and the ants are still dead. See you in a couple weeks :)

    Some folks have way to much time on their hands, best i can figure.

    Umm, He just p.m'ed me back telling me Jesus was a faggot. I thought he said two weeks, guess not.
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  2. Yeah, I read similar message... Was it someone named Jiminy Cricket?
  3. His jokes aren't really that funny. He needs to work on his material. I'm guessing he is between the ages of 12-15 based on his writing style. I'm sure he has come to this forum seeking guidance, but is having troubles expressing himself.
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  4. yes Polly.

    I am talking with him now, seems to be disturbed about some things.

    I hope your wife gets breast cancer faggot hahahahahaha.
    No she will be just fine. Just in case you did not know, a couple weeks some would say consist of about 14 days. No worries though. So how is your day going aside from all this grumpy attitude of yours.

    There's no god you stupid faggot lmao keep talking to you're imaginary friend
    Try to stay focused here. I did not ask you about a god being real or not. I asked how is your day going. Focus.

    Bitch we play by my rules. Now bow down to me because I'm your new god mother fucker. As an added bonus I actually exist!

    No, My house,my rules. Your confused here. Now answer the question, How was your day.

    So far this is how the conversation is going.
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  5. What a clown.
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  6. Now he is talking about giving me some curse of something with terminal cancer.

    Don't get cute with me faggot. You have 2 choices 1 accept me as your lord and savior or 2 get terminal cancer

    You ain't got enough power to sneeze on someone to give them a cold. Besides, You don't mess with God's anointed. If you can remember back far enough I asked you a question.

    How was your day today?

    Answer the question.
  7. His day is going bad. He is mad at God right now, and this is how he is trying to get a response from God. Similar to a child having a tantrum.
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  8. Lol
  9. Aww he sounds like a child
    Sweet :)
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  10. I don't know, its hard to talk with him though, more of a one sided conversation with this guy.
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  11. Lmao you sensitive faggot I have this whole site dancing at my command now

    ya, until someone reports you and you get banned and have to sign up with another name and possibly proxy a IP.

    Is Jiminy your favorite cartoon show?

    someone else talk with him, Wife has Needs......... Like I did some dishes, how can you say I did nothing all day? I even fed my kids once today.
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  12. People are weird
  13. Lol. Jiminy is just a troll. Sing trololo to him. XD
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  14. I just deleted his message without reading...he's an amateur compared to the crazy texts I've gotten from exes.
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  15. Yeah, he's just venting to you. He needs a hug.
  16. I know what you mean. Exes will say anything to try and get back together.
  17. wow, He is a amateur when compared to that.
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  18. Lol right??!
  19. Totes.
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  20. Aw besties

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