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  1. I recently bought a DVD for me on this one a documentary movie was. It was in German "In the name of the Bible"; And in the original " The Bible tells me so ". Into this it is about the attitude of many American Christians towards the homosexuality topic and the question why this is so?
    Does the Bible really say what is claimed?
    Or does the Bible say something else if one looks at the historical and textual connection?
    Here one link to the film:
  2. Do you not want to talk about this topic? Are you afraid to get homosexual by writing about this?
  3. Here is an article from "What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Is homosexuality a sin?"
    Due to the nature of the topic and the hate it generates everywhere we cannot allow this discussion to continue. Our answer is a clear no to all forms of sins and a clear yes to welcoming all types of people. You are welcome to start a personal conversation with a staff member for answers. Thank you.
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