[For Teens] Wisdom in dealing with Relationships.

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    Satan's number 1 tactic for destroying young girls is very simple. Manipulate the heart of the girl, to get her to be motivated by a noble cause and walk into ignorance. How does Satan do this you say? He gathers his demons, and with an evil grin, says:

    "Tell that girl that it is okay if she dates an unbeliever. God will just use her to bring him to salvation. She doesn't know the scriptures very well, so she doesn't know about God's command to not be unevenly yolked. Even if she did know the command, she is too immature to take it seriously."

    Then, the girl being fueled by a noble cause (desire to see souls saved), is destroyed after being brought back to reality. The girl is then drawn away from God, and most likely loses her virginity. She has fallen right into Satan's trap.

    In Chemistry, there is a law that God created. "Heat travels from high concentration, to low concentration." If you touch something and that surface is hot, that means the heat (being greater in the surface) is traveling from the surface, into your hand (the lesser). If you touch something and it feels cold, that surface is absorbing the heat from your hand. Your hand is losing heat, therefore it is cold.

    In the same way, if the girl is on fire for God (cup of hot water) and the boy is cold to all spiritual things (cup of cold water), they cannot be joined together without the heat being taken away from the water. What was once hot, will be Luke-warm at best. The Christian will be dragged down 100% of the time. That is why two must be agreed in order to walk together (Amos 3:3). An ox cannot be yolked with a donkey.

    All that aside, the wisest thing for a teenager to do is not date until they are an adult and of the marrying age (21+). Chances are, even if you want to be serious about a relationship, the other person does not. You can't go by how strong you may be, but how strong your peers may be.
  2. I looooove this!
  3. "Missionary dating" is a sentimental concept which appeals to a person's romantic nature, but which is a notion not found in Scripture. It is also a notion which does not trust God to take care of someone's spiritual need according to His methods, we feel that in our cleverness we can do His work better. We don't realize that what we are doing is entangling the evangelistic effort in a whole mess of unecessary emotions, relational expectations, distractions, temptations and pitfalls. The nice thing about this situation, from Satan's perspective, is that it ensnares two people at once.
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  4. You are all right. Dating a non-believer is never good for the believer. There are the success stories, the non-believer is converted and they live happily together, but that is rare. The rest of the time the believer is dragged down by the non-believer. It can be a sad situation.
  5. Dating a non believer is a risk with out doubt. Here is the thing, this concept of dating anyone with the idea you can change them is a bad idea. I do not care if you are both believers and the change is how someone squeezes the tooth paste, going into a relationship and wanting to change the other is a bad idea. I see people doing that try that with their relationship with Jesus- I think we all know how that works out.....

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