For Our Sister, "Xspinningisfun"

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  1. For Our Sister, "Xspinningisfun"

    We have a special announcement for our dear sister "Xspinningisfun"

    Upper staff has noticed a special gift that our sister possesses. She has the gift of "encouragement." Whenever a member is feeling down, you can always count on "Xspinningisfun" to give a few words of encouragement. She also has no problem using her life's experience if need be to let that member know that if God bought her through, He will bring you through. She is always willing to help a person in need.

    Please welcome "Xspinningisfun" as our brand new CFS


    Congratulations "Xspinningisfun"


    God bless sister
  2. Well deserved .

    Congrats .
  3. Hey Congratulations .
  4. coooooooool! That's a very special gift! Yay Spinning!
  5. I so DID not see this. OMG, i have tears in my eyes :)
    AWWWW, i love you all <3
  6. Congratulations Hey!!! :)
  7. Hey, Thanks :D :D :D
    Thanks GodSpeaks!!!!!
  8. So well deserved! You are a real blessing!!

    - BM
  9. You certainly do possess a gift xspinningisfun your posts are always so inspirational

    Enjoy your new role
    Heaps of love
  10. Thanks, Bondman & Natty! :)
  11. Congrats K

    You are such a inspiration
  12. I looked at this again, and definitely brought up a smile upon my face. Even though I don't even have that close of a relationship with me immediate family, I definitely consider you guys family and know that I'm loved by you all!

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