For our God is a consuming fire.

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  1. For our God is a consuming fire.

    Heb 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.

    Our God is a consuming fire- His cleansing flame will burn away our dross and consume our flesh no matter how much it complains.
    In the old Covenant the freshly sacrificed flesh was tied to the horns of the altar so the muscles and nerves would not spam and flip it out of the fire.
    All this purification is repugnant to the flesh but sets our spirit free and causes us to walk in the light of His love.
  2. and spirit m8,Jesus helps us with spirit,the fire is used when
  3. As silver is refined in the fire the solid impurities rise to the top. This is the dross and the refiner skims it off.The refiner then adds charcoal as he knows that will enhance the sheen of the silver.He tends the fire and adds more fuel and more dull impurities rise to the surface.Again he skims away the impurities.He never leaves the crucible unattended.this is a long process but in the end he gazes at the liquid silver and see his reflection, a clear distinct and sharp image of himself. The impurities are gone . The silver is refined.

    This image of refinement is something God touches on again and again in His Word. He is the true Refiner . We are His silver.

    The fire is the fire of His making, for through His fire our Refiner will perfect an awesome work, a devine work. He will take what is impure and make it pure. He will take what is dull and make it beautiful. He'll take what is potential value and reveal it's actual value.

    He will transform us into treasure.
  4. Does this have anything to do with obeying Him? Like if you feel He is telling you to do something, but we don't do it because we don't think it should have anything to do with our Christian walk, so you end up not obeying Him because it sounds too radical?

  5. I believe if we think God is speaking to us that we should obey because sometimes what sounds radical to us is logical to God.

    Last night the youth pastor was speaking to our youth and giving an example. She was in the lunch room at work and she felt the Holy Spirit tell her her to speak to this fellow about God and three times she said but he has not spoken to me and how can I open a conversation like that ? Finally after wrestling she submitted and opened up a conversation by asking what do you know about God ? The Holy Spirit took over and they talked for an hour . After that the fellow said please , I want to talk more , when can we talk agin about God ? So if she had missed that opportunity this young man would have missed out as well.
  6. Sweet Surrender my dear sis- it is very common for the holy Spirit to lead us into something our flesh does not like- He leads us deeper into the newness of life and farther from dependence on the old.
    But the fire of God is for purging and cleansing.

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