For listening Pleasure, Amazing grace bag pipes

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  1. Just simply beautiful. Start your day with Gods' grace

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  2. That is really lovely.
  3. Someone played this at my grandfather's funeral. The guy did a really good job and he was called at the last minute.
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  4. I like anything on bagpipes, but I get that they are an acquired taste.
  5. I had a bag piper play at my father's funeral. My dad was wounded in WW2 and was totally disabled so it was a military funeral. I had the man stand in front of the church and play for 30 minutes as people came in and the same as we all left and again right after the 21 gun salute. It was really a wonderful final touch and I would recommend to everyone who has a loved one pass away.
  6. May their souls rest peacefully and their spirits be in our Fathers house where He prepares many mansions.
  7. God bless you for your thoughts!
  8. I have what I think is an even better rendition.

    (my first time embedding a file, so I hope it works.)
  9. They're fine outdoors...

    I thought I'd see if I could find someone doing it on one of the more "sociable" pipes. Here it is on Uilleann pipes.


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