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  1. There is a book out there, for everything. In the case of Caregivers, (those who's lives are filled with the responsibility to meet the needs of a member of the family that is disabled in some way, both dramatically and in a limited way) there is "a book" that comes highly recommended (in fact she has been giving copies away) by Joni Erickson, which speaks to the Caregiver (primarily) about endurance, focus, perspective, and other aspects of occupying the role of "Caregiver."

    Here's a link:"Not+A+Sometimes+Love"

    Book Title: "Not A Sometimes Love"
    Author: Keith Korstjens

    I know personally, as a "caregiver" for my wife, and her many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, it has been rough. I constantly remind myself that my own suffering is minor, compared to what she suffers. I need, cherish and covet the message of the Bible to me as a Caregiver, and I appreciate so much, the words found within this writing I am promoting, as well.

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  2. I will check this out. I too am a caregiver to my 33 year old wife who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 21.

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