For all the angel lovers out there

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  1. For all the angel lovers out there

    The letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament .. i have found . is a really good book on this topic .
  2. We thank God that he uses the angels to protect us and help us in this life. But I don't know about being a 'lover' of angels. That could turn into angel worship and we are not to worship angels. Anytime someone would bow down to them they would tell them to stand up and only worship God.
  3. I think when he meant 'lover', I think it was more to be a way to say for people who are avidly interested in them.

    But yes, it might sound kind of strong in terms of worship, etc. Lol. :D

  4. GS...I agree with NTG about being interested in angels and NOT worshiping them..I love to collect them, of course not the "real" ones, heheheeee and I think they are really beautiful too.
  5. Yes .. avidly interested in angels . hehehhee .

    Thanks Near, and Puppy! :)

    but yeah . Hebrews has a lot to say about them . check it out! hehehe .

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