Football season.. HURRY!

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  1. Football season.. HURRY!

    I am a HUGE Detroit Lions fan so im patiently awaiting for August to roll around for the beginning of dun dun dun... FOOTBALL SEASON! Thats American football for those outside of the USA.

    Is anybody else growing impatient about football season?
  2. The English football season, yes...a.k.a. Real Football...where the foot is actually used to move the ball...;-)

    That said, I do like American Football as well, and watch as much of it as I can. I like the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No particular reason, just do. I don't see either winning anything any time soon though.
  3. Yes I am. I am a Panthers and a Raiders fan!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to break out my NFL Films music CD and start listening to it now
  4. brian dawkins
  5. Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance: :D :dance:
  6. I think its our time!

    :cap:Chargers.... All the way !!!!!!:smile_anim:
  7. Funny thing~ my husband was football captain in highschool and has no interest in any teams or watching it!
  8. I like the Bears and the Redskins, hubby likes the Redskins, daughter likes the Packers. (Son sticks with college - Go Hawks!)

    I like college football better than pro but yes, I am ready for football season to start!
  9. Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Kelvin Hayden...GO COLTS! superbowl CHAMPIONS!!!!:cool:;)
  10. Heh I'm a Titans fan all the way =) and super excited we are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2003.
  11. WooooWhooo!!! Go Seahawks!
  12. Yeeesh...I'm one of those nerds that would rather be reading Grant Writing for Dummies instead of watching football...

    I like lifting weights though!:D

    *shields himself from the potential rain of fruits and vegetables thrown at him*:eek:
  13. Can I have your Brussel Sprouts?
  14. LOL - actually, I love all veggies.

    Except brussel sprouts and beets. I don't know why. I just can't eat them. Beats are too...fleshy. And brussel sprouts...? Well, I just don't think those little brains were meant to be eaten. Hee hee hee.:eek:

    Superbowl Sunday my friends were at work (ha ha!) and I was at home building birdhouses. What's the score? They'd text me and call me. What's the score? What's the score? What's the score now?

    :D I don't think they realized that I don't watch football and was making all the scores up.:eek:

  15. HeeeHeeeHee! I LOVE Brussel Sprouts! But you're right about beets...they squek on my's like nails on a chalkboard!

    BTW You're bad for making up the scores! Those poor friends of yours!
  16. HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan!!!:)
  17. <-- the diehardest Seahawks fan.

  18. Me too. Ever see them play in the dome? And they think we're loud now! :D
  19. I don't miss the dome. When you can have the architecture and weather elements involved you seriously need to. The dome took all the fun out of the game. Our two fantastic stadiums are 2 of the most beautiful icons around. I am never leaving this area. I am Seattle for life baby.

    I enjoyed the season this year for the most part, other than Weaver constantly getting shafted on short situations and our WR's always bein hurt. Oh and the fact that we managed to completely revamp the defense and get a heck of a lot better on that side of the ball but get blown out at the same round we lost last year. I still can't get over how a defense so strong get's owned so badly. I want Jonathan Stewart or Rashard Mendenhall on draft day in April and I want to see another big FA signing like Faneca. Mike Wahle is a nice supporter and hopefully he can beat out Grandpa Chris Gray, and whoever else we draft/sign can step in Rob Sim's shoes. Two major embarrassments at OL have held this team back. We need a new, improved, young running game. Get that and we are back to the bowl. We just tagged Trufant like we needed to, if we let him go it would be a disaster at CB. Weaver, Hackett, and JB need to get resigned. We are foolish to let any of them go. Letting Brown go would be the biggest mental midget mistake. We can't muster enough $$$ for a kicker? Gimme a break dude...

    Man and I'm pumped up for the baseball season. The Mariners FINALLY got their hands on some pitching. The pitching is as good as its ever been. I'm talking better than when we had Moyer and RJ in town at the same time back in 98. I am majorly optomistic about the Mariners this season.

  20. Ohh.. um. Yeah. Sorry about that. I saw you get yours handed to you live on the 23rd at Qwest. You probably heard me on tv, I tend to get loud.

    Future looks good at least.

    <--- jellous of Troy Smith

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