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  1. flyleaf

    anyone like them? a christian/alternative rock band. i like they're song "cassie" its about the girl that was asked if she believed in god, and when she said yes eric harris shot her in the head.
  2. Yeah they're pretty sweet. I saw them play on a late show once (when their debut cd was out) but they cut them short. They're still pretty awesome though :)
  3. I like them, but not a whole lot. I like this type of music to be a little faster and more upbeat. But hey, they seem to be a descent band, so who am I to judge?
  4. I made a note of this topic, because I remember a few years ago Flyleaf was touring with KoRn. I kinda questioned how "Christian" they could be if they toured with KoRn, but I'm listening to the radio right now. One of the former members of KoRn is testifying how he left KoRn when they were at their height because he came to God. He hasn't specifically mentioned Flyleaf, but it's just something that stuck in the back of my mind.
  5. LOVE Flyleaf!



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