Flip flops are bad for your feet.

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  1. Flip flops are bad for your feet.

    :)-Seems everything you like is bad for you-this was an article on Yahoo-too!!~!:eek:-:D
  2. I think you forgot the link.:)
  3. Water is bad for you. It's a statistically proven fact that every person who has ever drank even a single sip of water, eventually died.
  4. Liink?-I don't know how to link!!~!
  5. When your posting there is a little box that looks like a globe, click on it :)

    I wear flip flops all summer.
  6. He he ..... :D:DBrother Ban..... Even the air we breath is poluted and we have so many smog days here.

    We all got to die some day. It is appointed unto man once to die.
  7. Well you young people can wear them but as you get older you find your feet need support.

    I then thought of the verse where it says .... Beautiful are the feet that bring good news.

  8. If relaxing-I wear flipflops-for work or walking a lot -my boots or tennis shoes.
  9. My grandfather is in his 80's and still wears his flip flops :D

    ETA: He lived in Japan for a long time so maybe thats why. I rembember my grandmother calling them zori's when we were kids :)
  10. LOL... that really made me laugh out loud... cute..

    these days they have so many different studies that come out saying this is bad for you or that is bad for you... but that's what doctors said about women who wear heals of any height... women still wear them and doctors and chiropractors still get paid...
    I dont think flip flops are any different than going barefoot .. and i think it's more on an individual basis? My daughter cannot wear flip flops because of the joints in her feet, she has to wear orthotics (atleast for the next couple years)

    haha, i have tan lines on my feets from the flip flops
  11. That is a great article.
    I have a total hip replacement (recovering from my 2nd replacement currently) so shoes are an issue for me. My feet fall into the "normal" catagory as far as I have the proper arch. I cannot wear certain heels and have to be fitted for a good tennis shoe. Flip flops for me work great as far as no pain in the hip or back area when wearing them, as to heels, a pump is too low yet a stileto is too high.

    My wedding shoes killed me for the hour that I wore them during the ceremony. I had to stop at a shoe store after the pictures on our way to the reception.

    Funny it is most common to for brides to have done this because the employee's saw me come in in my dress and pointed to the location I needed to look in the store immediately LOL ...
  12. Read the article about flip flops being bad for the feet. But I have to disagree with it. People that are clumsy are not clumsy because of the height of the heel. (I'm clumsy bare foot!ha!) Tipsy women, will be tipsy no matter the height of the heel. Any shoe will cause problems.
    I have hard to fit feet (wide toe, narrow heel). Plus, I am developing bunions that hurt with regular shoes. Flip flops or clogs are about the only thing I can wear these days. (yes, I wear fire boots but get them off as soon as possible! hee!)
    If there is the concern about the flat heel, there are plenty of flip flops in varing heel height.
    Like Bratface, I have tan lines from my flip flops, and I wear them all year as long as there is no snow or ice on the ground!
  13. Now I am envious..... all year round .... fluffs..... not fair ... while we are in boots and snow.:D:D
  14. I've yet to find a pair of flip flops that don't destroy your feet. I can't wear the same pair two days in a row.. because on day two you have rashes from the straps. Maui was a real challenge for me.. couldn't stand the hot sand but couldn't stand the flip flops either. I wore just socks out of the condo one of the days.

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