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  1. Greetings;

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  2. I forget how much has changed until I read the attachment. My first taste of pizza (which I had not heard anything about) was in 1957 from a local parlor (Yep, they were called pizza parlors) near my college dorm. We would call in and they would deliver one medium (including delivery) for $1.00. It was 80 cents if you went to the restaurant three blocks from the dorm to order it and eat it there. And we never left nor were expected to leave a tip. I have never tasted pizza that good since!
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  3. I wish I'd been the person who decided to put H2O in bottles, market it as 'cool', and sell it. If I had, I'd be typing this from my private jet (and not my kitchen!).

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  4. Yes, bottled water is a "given" in our present time..but 50 years ago who would have ever thought. I even remember as a kid drinking water out of our outside garden hose and thought nothing of it..but I always let it run a while first least there be that terrible "rubber" taste. :eek:
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  5. My flashbacks:

    Double chocolate, double malt, double ice-cream milkshakes.
    Hamburgers with the lot.
    Camping and fishing. Prawning at night with a lamp and net.
    Digging and gathering Pippies along the beach.
    Real fish (pick which fish) and chips.
    Real butter.
    Real bread.
    Peas came in pods instead of tin cans. Shelling them without eating one was a discipline worth practicing (though we did sneak a few in).
    Picking wild edible mushrooms and blueberries in the Alps.
    Pizza was something the my Italian school friend's parents made at home...yum!
    Homemade biscuits and cakes with freshly whipped cream.
    Stirring the cake mix a big bowl between your legs and with the large wooden cooking spoon (you got to lick afterwards) also got hit with too.
    Ah, those were the days.
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