Five Hot Dogs That Will Kill You

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  1. Mmm, well, the first couple look quite yummy, the last two look quite disgusting. I've never had a genuine American style hotdog, being I live on the other side of the world and all...;)
  2. I could really go for that breakfast hotdog, and the hamdog also looks quite delicious. The french fry dog doesn't look too exciting. The double hotdog and the lard dog? ......uh, no. They'd be even better with smoked brats or sausage instead of hotdogs.

    Now I'm hungry.
  3. Mmmmm.... Lard dog of death...:D
  4. Hot dogs are generally made from all all the unidentifiable parts of the animals-:eek::eek::p
  5. Hrrrrrk! *chokes on coffee laughing*

    Reminds me of Homer Simpson alright, hah!:)

    That episode where Homey becomes a volunteer firefighter and he's trying to explain that his job is dangerous...

    "The next time you'll see me, I'm going to be a smoky, soggy hero!"

    Then he stops and starts drooling...

    Mmmmmm...smoky, soggy hero!


    Me, I don't like hotdogs unless I know they contain no horse nipples or pigs ears.:eek:
  6. Just remember there is not one part of a pig that is thrown away:p. Of course people did not start dying form eating undercooked hot dogs until they started adding poultry to them.
    When a bird is processed it is sent down and assembly line with mechanical rubber fingers that pull out the feathers- this squeezes the bird and fecal matter comes out getting on the fingers. As the fingers continue to pull the feathers the tend to rub this bonus into the skin of the bird and there you have it- Salmonela- wash and cook your meat.:eek:
  7. Don't loose any sleep over it Ausigirl.... If you knew what they put in them ... you wouldn't eat them anyways so you are not missing anything.:eek::eek::eek:
  8. Here’s number 6.
    If this one falls on you… you’re a dead man.

  9. That is one big hot dog. There are also the famous Shakperian dogs of war.:D

  10. I know what you mean.
    Those bad boys will tear you to pieces from the ankles up. :D

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAW!:D That's cute!:)

    And the other that a hotdog or a battering ram?:confused:


    One of my cheat days...I'd really like to try that corndog with fries growing out of it like barnacles.:eek:

  12. Ha ha ... you guys.... That is funny.... Keep em comin.

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