Firefox Download Day 2008

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Jeffin, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Firefox Download Day 2008


    Firefox fans, The official date for the launch of Firefox 3 is June 17, 2008. Join our community and this effort by pledging today. :D

    Click here to Pledge now

  2. I've pledged for tomorrow......

  3. I pledged yesterday and will download today
  4. Firefox3 has been released.
  5. I am online with IE while Firefox 3 is installing.
  6. Installed. Now going to play with it.
  7. Recommended? Worth it?
  8. I like it. So yes I recommend it.
  9. FF3 crashed on my computer a few times already. I am not sure if its really stable. But yes, I would recommend it because I always found FF better than IE. They have done a lot of improvements with the latest version.

    Most features are given here.
  10. I'm going to stay with Firefox version for the time being until they verify that the version 3 is operating properly without conflict. is EXCELLENT and is way more user friendly than ANY Microsoft IE version.
  11. I am installing it today. Hopefully it has an improved and updated spell check.
  12. My first Firefox glitch- it downloads but will not play u tube videos which play fine on the old FF or IE.
  13. I got

    First time using Firefox, I've always had IE. Only thing I'm missing is the tabs to have multiple windows in one. Can you dot hat with Firefox?

    Love the fact hat there's spell check though!

    And for You tube, I just downloaded the latest Flash and it worked.
  14. Firefox has tabs.

    To open in a new tab go to File > New Tab or Ctrl +T

    Also go to Tools > Options > Tabs and tell it how you want tabs to function
  15. Mark I followed your example and updated my flash player and now all is well.:)
  16. Ahh, thanks Housesitter. Now my only problem with it is that it's a bit slower. Like I get some lag in flash games. I have a $3500 computer - there should be no slowness. Very nice though - I like the spell check - I may now be converted.

    Right on Boan.
  17. Mark_18: In the top FF2.0.0.14 tool bar, click on:

    (1) Tools - then

    (2) Options - then

    (3) Tabs - and set your configuration for the way you want it to respond. then

    (4) Content - and select your personal display parameters. then

    (5) Advanced - select "smooth scrolling" under the browsing header.

    The adjustable features in the rest of the toolbox tabs can be customized any way that you wish the browser to respond to things. Look over the options in each toolbox tab and hit the HELP button if you have any questions about each option.

    Firefox is as fast as any IE browser version once you set things up according to your needs. It is also more secure and much more flexible.
  18. Firefox3 has been crashing or running slow on a lot of systems: Top Crashers

    I think it would be better to wait for a newer version. I have never had any problems with FF until I installed the latest version.
  19. Well I have plunged in and am loving it. Although I had a couple of scary moments when some of my plug ins had not yet been updated.

    Version 3 seems to be stable and less hungry for my memory - I like it !
  20. I like the way IE lets me create shortcuts to websites on my desktop- other than that FF seems to be superior.

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