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    For Firefox® users, the new updates are available.

    Click on your top toolbar at HELP. Then click on 'Check for Updates" and make certain that your system is updated to Version


    For anyone using SpyWare Blaster® registry protection, the updating server has the new registry protections available now.

    The following link will allow new users to download the registry protection freeware:

    Established SpyWare Blaster® users, just click on your launch ICON on the main SpyWare Blaster® program window for "UPDATES".
  2. Thanks.

    As a linux user, it's important to do the first, I'm not really to worried about the second.....
  3. I think I have very good security protection on my computer using the BellSouth Premium Security Suite. Is it necessary or good to have added software such as Spyblaster? I have a Firewall, Anti Spyware, and Anti Virus.

  4. SpywareBlaster® is a Registry Protection program that catches things that YOU allow in to your computer yourself inadvertently by visiting contaminated web pages. It eliminates nearly 10,000 registry hacks that are in it's database - far more than I have seen in ANY other program, premium OR freeware. It doesn't cost anything and I have yet to have a registry intrusion since using this program (6 1/2 years.)
  5. I like the AdAware program also.
  6. Absolutely, Larry - I have both on my network. SpyWare Blaster® is an automatic action freeware. Except for checking updates every week, the program itself actively protects the Registry so no infiltrations get in.

    AdAware® is a MANUAL program that you must update periodically and activate yourself to see if any registry hacks were installed without your knowledge. I prefer SpyWare Blaster® because it PREVENTS covert installation in the first place, but I do use AdAware® as well just to be safe.

  7. My first laptop given to me by my brother had both of these (Spyware and Adware) installed and I opted to use the BellSouth premium. However, I left the S. & A. programs installed. They did not seem to conflict and I activated them occasionally. In your opinion, should I now download these to further secure my computer.
    Currently I think everything is fine. :confused:
  8. Spyware tracks your movements on the web and reports it to a collector who in turn sells it to advertisers. It is not only an invasion of privacy but it will eventually build up to the point were it slows you computer down to a crawl by using all it's resources.
  9. I think I may have miss-spoke. I had the program that removes spyware stuff or blocks it. The same as the adware prevention program. Question is, do I need them with what I now have with Bellsouth? I think what I have is adequate, but just was wondering.
  10. We have noticed that AdAware® seems to be having a sever issue. Several friends and colleagues have mentioned that at certain times, when they attempt to get a database update from AdAware® (Lavasoft), that the loading status box comes up with an "Error Retrieving Update" message.

    Has anyone else noticed this lately?

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