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  1. Hey all,

    Question - LOCAL, real life service you are doing with a bona-fide Christian outreach....

    How do you find them? What sort of resources are available?

    I have asked several times, and my church really doesn't do "Lay" outreach... At least I haven't been able to pin down any visitation ministries, outreach ministries, helps ministries or such as this....

    What I am looking for is ministries that don't just do good things to fill a need or to make people feel better or get them out of trouble - but a ministry which uses their "Good works" as a vehicle to spread the Gospel. For example - helping kids at the local library is a good thing and all - but it's aim is not really to further the Gospel...

  2. Your church doesn't do any?

    Find another church...

    some ones we are involved in at my church
    Bibles in schools
    Prison ministries
    services in Rest Homes
    Coffee club mornings at the mall
    Community Meals
    Carboot sale (sometimes there's prayer, or just even a safe place to offload your old stuff)
    Op shops
    School holiday programs where children learn about God and the Bible
    Craft group
    After school clubs
    School chaplaincy

    other ones would support are Salvation Army, Gideons, Scripture union (they have youth camps),
    fun things to do - carolling door to door at christmas time.

    I did bible reading at the library for a year. I used to work in the library too, but yea working in the library is not the same as spreading the gospel. if your church doesn't have one, start a church library.
  3. Girls brigade/guides and scouts are local christian organisations.
    also woman's aglow for women, or CWI, country women's institute.
    Not sure about ones for men. You could also volunteer for St Johns ambulance. And I think SPCA does pet outreaches.
  4. What about volunteering at a shelter?

    Something else to consider is to ask God where He wants you to be. Going out on your own without God can be not a good thing. I mean sure you can do some great things, but your blessings and peace is wherever God directs you to be. As you are praying about could look in the yellow pages or even google it, just put in your town and state.
    Proverbs 16:3 amplified Bible.......Roll your works upon the Lord (commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His Will, and) so shall your plans be established and succeed.
    blessings to you John
  5. It could be something like at your workplace just leaving bibles in your workroom. Or if you know believers getting together with them and praying together and for your workplace.
    Or you could get together and support a charity, like give food and blankets and clothing to the city mission. You can say to your unbelieving workmates I do this because this is what Jesus does, clothes the naked, feeds the hungry.

    I know one lady who held dinners at her home for single parents.
  6. Did she happen to make it like a prayer meeting or bible study? Or was it just to meet the physical need of feeding and blessing single parents with not having to cook?
  7. I can't tell you the ministries in your area, but I can tell you some that are likely to be able to direct you to them.

    Call or visit the local churches and ask them what they are doing. Don't restrict those calls/visits to a particular denomination or set of denominations. Some of them are likely to surprise you with what they are doing.

    The local police department, fire departments, and child services can probably help you out, but that might take more than a few calls to find someone who will help you out as government employees have restrictions on what they can be seen supporting.

    Check with Good Will, Salvation Army, or the equivalent.

    Most importantly, check with Jesus. If this drive has been placed in you, it could simply mean that He wants you to do it regardless or whether or not anyone else already is. That is the harder road to hoe, but check out Matthew 11:28-30.
  8. I think it was both..not exactly sure as I didnt go, but she was talking bout it in a prayer group. We had a lunchtime prayer meeting / fellowship for people near my workplace once a week , anybody could come.
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  9. Sounds like a very blessed time of fellowship :)

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