Finding Gods Will

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  1. Finding Gods Will

    I recently heard a famous Canadian pastor, say the following words.

    He said we must stop asking God to show us His will because Gods will, will find us.

    He then illustrated his point by refering to God calling David, Saul, Paul etc. God went to them they never went looking for Gods will in their lives. God took them in their current situation and His will was done.

    He also refered to the Lords prayer.

    I believe this to be a half truth because Jesus himself said that He sought out His fathers will instead of His own. John 5:30

    In my book half truths are just as bad as straight out lies.

    Any thoughts, am I wrong in my conclusion?
  2. Agreed. It is always better to walk His way then to be thrown up on a beach by a whale- either way you will find yourself pulled toward His will for your life.
  3. Maybe then, the parishioners, should then stop asking the Pastor for His opionon, since God will make what needs to be known, to be known anyway?????????????????

    Yea I think it's also wrong: God strives to recieve us, but we have to answer the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So not to debate, repentance thru faith, and acepting the free gift of salvation -of the finished work of Christ, -----where we are then created in Christ, for Good works for God, and not of good works: ----I believe that then indeed God seeks us out, hoping we will draw nearer, and nearer to God's perfect Love and Will for our lives, as we beat down our old flesh nature, with a realy big stick I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and I believe that is one of the meanings which God has intended for us with the story of Jacob wrestling with God ----so that we too must restle with God's word, and will, ----to see just how much we strive for a closer relationship with God

    -----Again, seperate from the fact that the story can also ilustrate how Jesus had to strive with the Father, to make sure He carried out the will of the Father, as Jesus had to strugle with His moment of wishing His Cup could pass from Him -----But He had to suffer the torment, of bearing all of our sins ----which must have been horrible, to take them up, to crucify our sins along with Himself?????????

    -----I may not present it well, but I see that as a message within the story as well, as the message I see for us ----for our need to strive with God's Word, and Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -----I once was accused of "Scriptural Gymnastics," with a technical point I was making, to wit I answered, welcome to Christianity!!!!!!!!!!! We are required to work thru our Scripural Gymnastics, as we seek out God's thruths for us -----and I hope I illustrated that point well -----even if, and when I am wrong, and incorectly do so myself ----because we can not throw out wrestling with God's word -----even when I get knocked out, before even reaching the mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -----I know often times, I tripped on the mat, while trying to enter upon it, fell face down, and knocked myself out -----and God must have been just looking at me, thinking, But you didn't even enter the ring????????????????

    ----And then God, had to pick me back up, and I didn't even get a scriptural lesson out of it, other than what a twit I can be sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless.

  4. Wow.:eek:

    It's not wrong to ask God to show us His will, I think. By asking, we're openly admitting with our lips that not ours, but His will be done. He already knows that, of course, but as spirits with free doesn't hurt for us to love Him by admitting with our hearts that it isn't what we want done - but what He wants for us.
  5. It may just be a matter of semantics, but I find, that I usually pray that God will grant me the wisdom to recognize His will, and the strength to follow His path, and to ease my mind so I will not stray from it. Because, I do trust that He will show me what He wants, not so much that I'll see it.
  6. I recently found out that this guy is a messianic christian.

    I dont know much about what they believe in, but He also founded the biggest church in Jerusalem.
  7. I dont think it is wrong to ask God to help us walk in His will, maybe we need to take a little more notice of the places in scripture He tells us what His will is!
    Seriously though, our part is to submit ourselves to Him each and every day, to walk according to the Spirit and in love, we can then be sure that God's will , will find us.
  8. If one wants to know God's will that one should spend much time in fellowship with God, prayer and study of His Word. Like the Apostle John who would spend much time laying with his head on the Lord's chest listening to His heartbeat. It is no wonder that God was able to impart so much revelation to John. Intimacy with God is our calling and the relationship of a son with His Abba ( daddy in the most intimate sense) is where we come to know His will. There are of course other paths- trail and error but these are generally and unnecessarily painful- selah.
  9. I like what mother Theresa said about the issue...

    "if you want to know what God's will is, look at what happens"
  10. I agree that we do not have to seek it.. because God confronts and directs.. what we should do is simply surrender.

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