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  1. My wife and I need to find a new church. Anyone have advice how you have done this (without getting into advising me on any particular denomination - just in general)? My choices are somewhat limited - I live in a fairly rural area and I don't want to drive too far to go to church. There really isn't much in the way of non-denominationals around me. My wife tried the one that is closest to us and they were a bit of a hippie church (no malice intended toward hippies). You know, wearing shorts and flip flops, sitting cross-legged in the aisle during the service, etc. The other one by us puts on more of a rock concert than a church service (I'm not against contemporary services, this one just happens to be focusing on drawing in the young, and it really is hard rock). Just not our style as a middle aged couple.

    That leaves the denominations. There are several denominations that I will not attend, because they have embraced a sinful lifestyle, and even ordain those living in sin now (you know, the topic we can't discuss). We really enjoyed attending the Salvation Army church services on Sunday, but we don't live anywhere near one anymore. We really do want to go to church though, preferably a vibrant, healthy one, that preaches the word of God. What's a person to do?

    What have others done? Do you just pick a different church every week for 4 or 5 weeks and "shop" several different churches to see if one clicks with you? Our neighbors don't attend church, and I can't ask relatives about their churches, because they all live too far away to go to their church. As I read what I am typing, I realize it sounds like I am making excuses, but I really don't want to attend a church 30 miles away, nor one that embraces sin as mentioned above. Oh, and by the way, yes, I have prayed about this, and will continue doing so.
  2. Yea im in the same boat although not in rural area. The nearest church to me is a mormon church and im not going there!!!

    I would just pray and ask God to show you which church he wants you to fellowship in. Then follow his lead. I was actually asking a friend today. She's anglican but...i dont drink alcohol and they usually serve alcoholic wine as their Lords Supper so, dont really want to go there.
    Not a fan of 'rock' music churches either.

    At least you and your wife together. I got nobody to go with. My parents arent believers.
  3. Also there is a kind of hippie church near me as well. Lol.
    It was too noisy and freewheeling for me.
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  4. I havent yet tried the sallies but i dont know anyone who goes there..and an another forum ppl said they dont even have the Lords supper, not sure.
  5. Rather than suit yourself and your preferences, why not do what I did? Simply ask the Lord to lead you to a church where HE desires you to go, and where He knows you will be well fed and well rooted. Then wait. It really should not matter how far it is from where you live, for it is where you will be receiving the most important nourishment for your life.

    "Shopping" isn't necessary. I tried one local church that is well known in the area, but was reminded by people there that I knew that sometimes trouble follows you. So, the next week, we attended the church that I have had my eye on for a few years because of its focus on children and youth, and walking in the Spirit, and during the first service, I found myself saying, "I'm home!" The Lord moved us physically to this part of our city so that this church would be our new home. That was 14 years ago, and we have been blessed ever since, by allowing God to direct us.

    So, it's God's pleasure to lead us to the right pasture. We ought to let Him.

    Psalm 1:3
    He shall be like a tree
    Planted by the rivers of water,
    That brings forth its fruit in its season,
    Whose leaf also shall not wither;
    And whatever he does shall prosper.

    Psalm 23:1-3
    The Lord is my shepherd;
    I have all that I need.
    2 He lets me rest in green meadows;
    he leads me beside peaceful streams.
    3 He renews my strength.
    He guides me along right paths,
    bringing honor to his name.
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  6. Thank you, Euphemia, for the reply. As I mentioned, I have been praying over this, and will continue to do so. That is my prayer, that He will lead me where He wants me to go.
    I'm sorry, I'm just not going to drive 25 or 30 miles to go to church on Sunday. I have to believe that there is ONE church in my local area that God approves of! :)
    I agree 100%. Thanks.
  7. Yeah, they don't baptize either - sprinkling or full immersion. They do something called a "dedication" for babies, but no water.
  8. I know a family who drives an hour to church every Sunday. It is worth it to them. If you find that great church and it is 30 miles away, would you not make that sacrifice for the sake of growing in God? I hope your answer is yes, even though God may not require you to make that kind of sacrifice. But He would be blessed by your willingness.

    Blessings to you, JohnP! God will answer your prayer.
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  9. The only advice i can give is to pray and ask God where He wants you to be. Then be obedient, no matter what your thoughts or reservations are. Because there is a reason why He sent you, and desires for you to be apart of that particular fold.
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    In my are already putting limits on God, and being stubborn in a way. As long as you are not fully willing to obey God...then you won't hear or receive the answer that God gives you when it comes.

    Sorry about the other post...i didn't read the others before responding :)
    Blessings! Jim and i will be praying for you too
  11. I just wanted to apologize if i sounded rude. It was not meant to be. Just felt as if i needed to be straight forward. Being where God wants us to be is very important. Not only for obedience sake, but for the reasons why He is calling us to be there. Its where our grace and peace and blessings are. And when we choose to not obey God....even for reasons why we think sound reasonable......really is not healthy. Disobedience can open a huge door for the devil to come and mess with us. May even opoen the door to sickness or something even worse. Just some things to think about.
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  12. Oh no, I didn't take it that you were being rude. I've never seen you be rude! I have been praying about this for some time. Perhaps God is not leading me to a church 20 or 30 miles away? Perhaps I have felt more of a calling from God to find someplace local to me where I can be more involved in the local community? I don't want to go to church just to attend Sunday service for an hour. I want to be involved. Perhaps I have restricted my search to local churches because that is where I feel God is leading me? I have never once prayed to lead me to a church within x number of miles. I just didn't get into all of that in my original post. I thought it would just be a light-hearted "hey, any one else ever had to go through searching for a new church and have any advice on what your experience was like?" type of thing. Kind of like this -

    BTW, I'm not trying to be rude, either. You are a blessing to me!
  13. Surely makes a lot more sense :) and i am grateful that you explained better. and yes i fully understand the struggle. Lots of things up in the air right now. But in God's timing we will all know where we belong. :)
    Thanks for the kind are a blessing as well!

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  14. I'm not a regular church goer John although when my current rounds of personal problems ease up enough, I will be trying again.

    I guess (if my mother is willing to drive there), I could go off in search of my perfect church in the nearest city but I don't feel the need. I also can have difficulties with larger numbers of people some maybe that cuts out even the Anglican church in my nearest town. All that said, I think I'd rather be part of the smaller and often poorly supported village communities. Perhaps one day I could be part of one that did grow a bit? I'm probably less fussy over doctrine than you are - taking a view (in much the same way as I try to do here) that believing in Christ is rather more important than beliefs in say how the end times pan out. I do have some limits (eg. I believe a church marriage is a spiritual union between man and woman) but within those am also willing to try to be flexible. (At least as long as it's not a rock and roll church ;-) )
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  15. Do what Jesus commanded you to do:

    Matthew 10:12-13 (KJV)
    And when ye come into an house, salute it. And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you. ​
  16. There is only one right answer John
    Prayer - Seek God and find out where you are supposed to be. It might be around the corner or it might be 2 hours away. Where ever it is - this is where you will find everything you need.

    God Bless
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  17. John this will be a very big set back and become a problem
    (( I'm sorry, I'm just not going to drive 25 or 30 miles to go to church on Sunday. I have to believe that there is ONE church in my local area that God approves of! :)))

    This says I dont want God's choice I want Him to choose from my choice. You can believe all you want to but it wont change where God wants you.
  18. I once knew some christians who said they drove 2 hours to fellowship at a church. I couldnt believe it. Maybe they were very fussy. But as church is involved in local community, its not a good idea to feel like you need to drive for miles and miles. Unless God gives you free petrol or something. What if your car breaks down? But i suppose country people are used to long drives.

    He might ask you to move closer to a church He wants you at....but...there are home fellowships so you dont actually need to find a church that has a sign on the building saying its a church.

    You can tell God you dont enjoy driving far you know. He'll take that into account.
  19. Also if there are no churches that satisfy you perhaps consider you are in an area that has actually become a mission field!

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