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  1. I've had been attending a church in my community for a while now. Unfortunately, I feel like the sermons are missing something. I've prayed on the matter. And yet every time I've gone I'm reading the verses yet I feel like their not taught more in depth. Just a simple graze over the subject at hand. Is it me? Or are churches losing the Spirit?
  2. AMEN! You're completely correct. People are not used to the Spirit being vital to the health of the church so they don't know if He's even present or missing. Try asking the Holy Spirit to point you to a house church. :) Don't fret about denomination just go where the Spirit guides. I had an answer to heartfelt prayer from one that listened the Holy Spirit and as a pentecostal came to my baptist church and told me the truth. Neither of us of that denomination any more. Jesus doesn't do denominations, just hearts. :D
  3. That's very true! Awesome, how God answered your prayer! Interesting cause I was looking at Baptist church's in the area. But I will definitely keep on praying for God's guidance.
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  4. A few random thoughts:

    A living congregation will have members at many levels of understanding/commitment. The preacher may have a reason to serve the milk and withhold the meat.

    Churches often have smaller groups, both as Sunday School, and as other meetings thru the week that can delve into subjects at more depth.

    If you church is not feeding you spiritually, you might try to feed them (host a study, If you feel unable to lead, maybe you can find someone who is willing).

    If your church (including others in its congregation) still does not serve you, wish them well and find another church.

    Then there is the old joke about a preacher that preached the same sermon week after week. When the congregation asked him about it, he responded that when it appears by their actions that the congregation has heard his exhortations, he will change the sermon.
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  5. And then there is the story of the man who was mean and hardhearted and he spent 30 years in prison. While in there he was saved and called to preach. When he got out a little church in the country asked him to come and fill in one Sunday. Of course he was glad to do it. As he was preaching about Satan and sin he slipped into that prison language jargon and began to curse the devil for all he was worth. He called Satan every name he could think of and all of a sudden he realized what he had done. He closed his Bible and quietly walked out of the church.

    The chairman of the deacons stood up and said, "it appears that the preacher hates Satan as much as I do. I move that we ask him to come and be our Pastor"!
  6. I would submit to you that you will know the right church for you within a couple of minutes of entering that church. The Holy Spirit of God will speak to your heart and you will know.
  7. It is so true that so many churches want to feed the congregation with just milk instead of feeding solid food! Paul complained about the same. And it happens to this day :) I am also more worried about Churches who twist the Scriptures as per their convenience. That is more dangerous as well.
    If Spirit is leading you somewhere else, then follow the guidance. The moment I entered my current Church, I knew that is where God wanted me to be. Spirit touched me so many times through Word of God week after week. When you seek in prayers, you will know when you are the right place!
  8. This is so true, but it's also partly the fault of the listener. Many don't like anything more than milk and are children forever by ego, pride and choice. They either disbelieve in the power of God for themselves or have never experienced His existence and completely misunderstand the word of God. Proof is in the pudding, and Matt 25:12.
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  9. May be it is like chicken and egg story. Do the preacher give milk because congregation is happy with just milk? Or congregation started liking milk because they were fed milk all the time and got used to it! I don't know. Probably both ways are true
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  10. unfortunately I feel like many church's are just adapting to the normal worldly culture. A lot of pastors have just simply gone with the flow. Like they are entertainers that need to entertain their public. Everything is said so politely to keep anyone from being offended. I'm afraid that they aren't realizing what their doing. They should b leading their congregations to grow not to remain stumped in a milk coma.
  11. Amen.
    I can't find a church & I'm surrounded by them. They don't feed the sheep, they entertain goats. It seems like they've fallen into the emergent church witchcraft. Rock bands, fire tunnels, prosperity gospels, warm fuzzy feel good slop. No thank you.
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  12. Unfortunately that's the same way I feel. But I have to Thank God that Iam able to have my bible and do my own studies. And just simply ask the Lord for Him to be my teacher.... Curious what's a fire tunnel??
  13. Sorry I went on the negative side a just a tad! There's some great Sunday online services & teachings on sermon audio.

    The fire tunnel is a ritual used by Bethel church in California.
  15. I like that, "Jesus doesn't do denominations, just hearts". I too believe that love is the greatest gift given to us and we are to spread the Word and the Love.
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