Filled with the Holy Spirit

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  1. Filled with the Holy Spirit

    Have you ever noticed that Scripture notes that the apostles and others experienced Multiple fillings of the Holy Spirit. In the past when I thought of "filling", I pictured a cup filled with water, but recently someone shared with me an analogy that better fits the intent of Scripture, I believe.

    Being filled with the Spirit is better pictured as a sail filled with air. When the wind is blowing, and a sail is set correctly to catch the wind, then wind will empower a sailboat to move. In like manner, when the Holy Spirit is blowing, we can be empowered to do something that we cannot do on our own power, to speak with a supernatural boldness and unction, to work miracles, to prophecy, to heal, to.... whatever the Spirit wills! But of course, such is completely dependent upon the empowerment and leading of the Spirit.

    So let us set our sails and be filled with the Spirit! Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons! Freely we've recieved, let us freely give!
  2. :goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::amen::amen::amen: Thanks , Sherman ... I can't agree with you more .... Praise God .... Not by might , not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord ....
  3. Great post Sherman!

    I love this analogy

  4. Sherman

    I was going to say WELCOME to the forum. But now that I see the join date I guess I'll say Welcome back!
  5. This is a very nice analogy. I have indeed seen times when the Spirit has come like a wind, even a great wind. Yet, I have seen Him come in many different ways. At the Pentecost the Spirit came down like tongues of fire. I have seen that also. David compared the Spirit like fresh water, and I have seen that too. It is written, do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit, and I have seen that too. There are times when He comes like an Earthquake and shakes people up, and I have seen that too. All that is great an awesome, but I always remember that the Lord is in that still small voice you find in the cave. [1 Kings 19:11-13]

    The Spirit of God can definitely come with power, but being lead by Him means getting instructions from Him.
  6. Amen. Thats very important
  7. Amen CBE . I might add that I have felt Him come in a fresh breeze . We were worshipping in the huge auditorium and there were no windows or vents near me and I felt a fresh breeze pass by and when I told my friend , she felt it too ... It's awesome alright to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit but like you said , just listening and staying in a quiet place and hearing Him is more awesome . Praise God . I love you Jesus .
  8. Yes , Sherman that should be all our goals as Holy Spirit filled Christians because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today ,and forever and what He did in the NT He still does today . We need only believe and get a fresh ourpouring of the Holy Ghost and fire.
  9. I love testimonies. Yeah, a fresh breeze also. I once attended a church that meet in a basement. They were having a guest speaker that was a Messianic Rabbi, that I didn't know about. I had taken my normal seat in the middle of the isles, and was just kind of looking at my Bible before the service when suddenly someone turned on a fan, or so I thought. I looked over and a Rabbi had sat at the end of the row, and the wind was coming off him. The Lord is an amazing and strange God. You gotta love Him.
  10. That's awesome . I too love to hear of others experiences and as we said before so many times : because the Holy Spirit is personal , He gives each one a fresh and different experience .
  11. Praise the Lord!!!! This thread gave me "Godbumps" ;)
  12. LOL :D It was a good one wasn't it
  13. I like it .

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