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  1. Fight

    A bit of a diary type entry.

    As I learn about some of the devil's large scale devices that are so incredibly deceiving, I have a fear for my own self and pray I'm not deceived and that I really am saved. Once God speaks to me and shows me how these things are deceit, and that I am saved and walking with Him, I still have a burden, not for myself anymore, because I'm now fully convinced that these are simply the enemies devices, and that I truly am safe in Christ, but I remain afraid for others. After seeing lies come in power, I worry about how hard it might be to show others past these lies, and I think about how unlikely it is that many of them will be able to. But then I'm reminded that God will keep His own. I pray for that and I must believe that. Christ is enough. If others even face these lies and the battles they bring, I pray God be with them. But some may not face these things, and at least for the time being, things will be kept simple enough for them. They'll have their faith in Christ, in simplicity, and these things will be unknown to them if they're too much to handle. They'll face their battles in the right time, but the Lord will not put them up against more than they can handle. So I am facing them, why? Because I'm growing up. This is what I've asked for. This is what must be done for Christ's sake. I'm becoming a man of God, and these things must be made known to me so that I can fight in the battle. This is the work of men, going out where things are unsure and where we can be so unsure of our salvation and of what we've believed. I can imagine that these uncertainties will come on a greater scale and more practical way in the future. That I could go for long periods completely unsure of my salvation, unsure what to believe, being mocked and beaten, with all my physical sufferings even, pointing to the idea that I've been believing lies. That I'm not really saved. But I can wait in that knowing that I'm there for a reason. Because I'm a man of God suffering these things as I fight and so that I can fight. And I know Christ, in simplicity and love, and in abounding grace, will pick me up and dust me off once again. We must get a practical handle on the simplicity in Christ and that we can simply trust Him. The struggles have a purpose, let us persevere under trial. Let us pray and not lose heart. By faith we are saved, now we have every reason to stand, so fear not and stand for the Lord and against the enemy.
  2. :pray:
    Maturity of the spirit opens the whole spiritual world to us; more than we want to see but as you clearly said : Let us pray and not lose heart. God does keep His own. Hallelujah!!!

    John 16:33
    These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.


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