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  1. Can anyone recommend any genuinely good books for young adults - teens and twenties? Not just stories with good messages, but also well written!

    Also, are there any popular fiction books you would steer clear of?
  2. I like the book of Romans.
  3. There are some amazing books which have been converted to different age groups.. Something like Pilgrims Progress could be very engaging for teenagers.. And they would learn a lot out of it as well.. It is a very good way of getting the right things into their mind.. Especially the age where the exposure to world increases exponentially each day :D

    I hope this is the kind of reply you were looking for.. As the name suggests, this is Christian Forum with lot of "good" Christians :)
  4. Me too! But I was looking for good fiction - sorry, perhaps I wasn't very clear! Thanks for the reply anyway.
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  5. PP - great idea. I'll look out for an updated version.
    It's your reference to 'exposure to the world' that is my worry. I think that preventing kids from reading what they and their school friends think of as 'normal' books can make them seem like forbidden fruit - very tempting! If I can help guide my grandchildren towards great fiction, but fiction that doesn't encourage all the wrong things, then they'll be better off. There's so much out there that encourages early sex, homosexuality, violence, selfishness and disrespect, but there must be good things too that are full of adventure, suspense, positive heroes and even decent romantic relationships.

    Thanks for the reply - helpful.
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