Few Find It

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  1. Few Find It

    It can be discouraging when we know that God says that few find the way.

    I had a thought today that you may have thought of but I want to share it because I find it encouraging.

    And that's that even if almost everyone that's alive today was saved, that would still be few, considering how many have lived on the earth.

    You see, you can stop discouraging yourself with thoughts that only a few of the people you know will be saved.

    Maybe nobody needed it like I did, but I found it encouraging.
  2. yeah Mark, Good Post!

    I think it can be discouraging if you think that only very few will make it, so you begin to wonder are you right enough, have u done what u are suppose to and all the other thoughts that flood in from it. But, I like the way you rationilized it and it makes sense, I think we sometimes just think to much into stuff and it drives us crazy! i am horrible for this, it is scary...
  3. Not so discouraging when you think of it though- those who seek Him will find Him (Mat 7:7-8). Most would rather be there own god and live the way they prefer than to bow their knee to Him. Those who will have Him He will not miss.
  4. Amen to that! Actually if you think of it, there are 6 billion people alive on Planet Earth right now and of those I'm guessing about 5 bil. are not saved! If you think of it in those terms, you realize why it says that only a "few" will find the way!
  5. Well bottom line that I ask myself . What am I doing to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ ? and would my Saviour be happy with what I am doing ?

    Thanks for the thought , Mark and the wake up call.

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