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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Cody Johnson, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone :) My name is Cody and I am twenty-five years old. I'm forward to have all the fun on this forum and glad to be part of it. I am living in Oklahoma state in the United States of America. I mostly grew up with the Baptist, but I believe it really doesn't matter of which denomination, but to believe God and His son Jesus Christ all of my heart. I'm not sure where to start, but I'd be glad to take your question... :whistle: Just kidding.. I'm glad to answer from your thoughtful questions. Anyway, little about me, I have three years old daughter name Josie. She is my everything in this world and the Lord is my everything in this world as well. I was born deaf, but speak and hear well like other normal people can. I also could sign languages when needed.

    I am living myself in my small nice apartment, and unfortunately, Josie's mother dumped me for other guy, but that was about little over a year ago. I am good and I'm thankful to have this job to get my life back on track. It was that my ex-girlfriend destroyed my life.

    I'm here to praising to the Lord who brought me with special gift for my life, and He already is and still doing it! Amen!

    So! How are you guys doing? :cool:
  2. Welcome to the forum. If you've not done so yet, please check out our mission statement and rules:

    I'm sorry to heave about your ex... but looks like you have a cutie to take care of the old man :) I have 3 kids of my own - 21, 19, 17. Sadly I've never been to OK, but I have been to 46 countries. Again welcome!
  3. Thank you for your welcome appreciation, Abdicate. :) Although, I am doing great because I have wonderful girlfriend name Erin, and we have been dating for around five or six months. It has been going pretty good. And wow! You had been forty-six different countries? That's amazing adventure of your life to enjoy God's creation. It's pleasure to meet you here, and I'm forward to have good times on this forum! My hometown is in Paris, Texas. I grew up there all of my life. It just this little feeling were telling me that it's time to move on. Maybe this is where the Lord wants me here for a reason until whenever the Lord wants me to go.
  4. Welcome here, Cody & Josie!
  5. Hi Cody! Welcome to CFS. Your signature reminds me of " Cowboy church" :)
  6. Welcome Cody!
  7. Thank you TezriLi! May the Lord bless you (y)
    Howdy and thank you! It was great to be here. It's kinda funny, I've been to Cowboy Church only once since I was young teenager. o_O However, I still got my black cowboy hat :cool:
    Thank you, Ravindran! How is your day?
  8. My day is going on.. Nothing unusual.. Enough things at work to keep me guessing!
  9. My day is going on.. Nothing unusual.. Enough things at work to keep me guessing!
  10. I bet work is getting little crazier on these days. So glad I'm off today and trying to get my peaceful and restful today. Overall, it is too HOT to do anything outside. So, I'm staying inside to stay cool and chill. Whew!
  11. It is quite hot today here as well.
  12. Tell me about it, ha. I actually kinda ready for winter time, sorta... I miss wearing my coat and jacket, and reading books by fireplace. Too much to "list to do" if the winter is here.
  13. Woah I didn't know that about you man! What made you travel all those places? Work?
  14. Welcome to CFS. I read your testimony, so can you hear with hearing aids? And also what caused the loss of hearing? Anything specific?
  15. Hi, Cody. Welcome, welcome!
  16. Yep.
  17. What is your job?
  18. Corn-puters & network management.
  19. Corn-puters?
  20. I thought I haven't filled out my testimony yet, but that was my biography info talking about being deaf. I was just born deaf out of my mother's womb. I do not know what cause loss of my hearing. I'm the only person in my family tree was born deaf. Pretty weird isn't it? Maybe it is not too weird. ;) Yes I can hear with my hearing aids on. If I take them out for to go sleep, shower, or anything that stay comfortable and not to get wet, I can't hear. I'm not sure what was the percentage of hearing loss. I can hear if people clap their hands and I can barley hear if people screaming or yelling freaking loud craziness. Things like that could get my attention, but I wear them all the time, everyday.

    Thank you, thank you, Patricia! It was blessing to be here to have new faces and friends. :) May the Lord bless your heart on this day and everyday!

    My guess.. IT Management from wide world company? :sneaky:
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