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  1. There was an issue with users getting automatically logged out which I may have solved. This is because of cached pages being served by Google's PageSpeed servers. Please report to me here or email me if you still encounter errors. Thank you.
  2. I opted out of Google PageSpeed Service, because it was giving me a hard time while upgrading the website. I spent many hours in the past few days just setting a few things up and the issues only got worse. Now it's back to the old configuration.
  3. I notice there is NOW a pair of glasses icon on the list of threads, to indicate the threads that we are personally watching. As the WATCHED THREAD list is not complete can you make it so clicking on this glasses icon gives us the option to STOP watching that thread?
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  4. I can suggest that to the developers. Thank you Stan.
    Also you can get a complete list of watch threads by going to the Navigation bar on top and to Forums > Watched Threads > Show all watched threads.
  5. Actually I did that Jeff and I was NOT watching a lot of them although they were still on my list. I did take them off that list. I usually hit the STOP WATCHING button at the top right of an actual thread once I post my last comment. It weould seem not ALL links to do something actually do it!
    Also I have had problems with getting Alerts via email AND in the Alerts box online. My settings are properly set. The thread follows:

    FYI Rusty confirmed he is having the same problem.
  6. Automatically watching threads can be turned off via the following link:

    To receive email alerts, you have to go to the thread > Unwatch thread and then Watch thread with email notification or Go to all watched threads list from navigation bar > Select threads > Enable email notification from the drop down list below the main list.

    If you are still not receiving email notification, then it may be a technical issue which I have to look at and I will do that soon. But I do receive alerts in the alert box so I can't confirm any bugs there. I will keep a watch anyway.
  7. Yep, did all that initially so I assume all threads I post in SHOULD send me email notifications right?
  8. Hi @Stan, email notification works for me.

    test thread.jpg
    Can you check your spam box for our emails? Also please add webmaster AT christianforumsite DOT com to your contact list / safe list.
  9. Yes I got the email Alert Jeff. Once I get email in my in box it NEVER goes to spam.
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