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  1. I want gather feedback from everyone here as to how we can improve this community. What would you like to see added to CFS? It can be anything from design point of view to features / new forums areas etc. What is that you would change if you were to run this community? Do you see CFS as a site that can do much more than just host discussions? Please give me some feedback. :)
  2. A book download...a library of Christian books (out of copyright or with author's permission) would be good.

    Sequester rooms: When problems accrue, a place where "contenders" plus a dedicated Mod/pastor could work out problems off the main threads. Closed to the public. The contenders must hash things out there before they can dip back into the main community.I good step before the shame of banishment, IMO. Folks don't learn from that sort of force; just hardens, not heals.

    A videoed divine service once a week lead by a pastor for shut ins or isolated Christians. I vote Rev Wade to cobble this one up!

  3. That is an idea I had and we now have a downloads / resources area:
    Just need someone to find those resources and upload them here. Probably someone who can be our librarian. :D

    Instead of Sequester rooms, we have our own private area for staff members (mods and helpers) where we discuss these issues. If we need to talk to one of the members, we generally talk to them privately with all the mods involved in the discussions. That's when we give a small warning before the time outs are executed. Some folks still don't learn.

    A videoed divine service / devotionals is something new!! :) Great idea.
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  4. I'll be glad to volunteer as librarian. I have thousands of Christian books on PDF representing many denominations and some none at all. None are in copyright any longer and are public domain. Pm and let me know.

    So you have private rooms already? I had no idea. Too bad folks don't learn from that.

    I think a Church service would be a great thing....I cast a second vote for Pastor Wade, if he is willing and has a camera.
  5. The mobile site is very laborious -maybe less would be more? Maybe condensing the thread profiles to just the thread title and eliminating the description portion would help.

    The buttons are tiny and smashed together on my android and it seems that I am always hitting the wrong link..

    Overall-not a really pleasant experience on the mobile app.
  6. I'm a bookworm, so I think a library would be great, however, how are we going to screen the books to make certain there isn't any junk in the library?

  7. Yes Gene, if we are to have a library then our librarian will be screening the materials. :)

    Thank you. I'll pass on the suggestions to our theme designer.

    Hi Rusty, sorry for the late reply. My work keeps me busy. The library and librarian suggestion is fantastic. I'll forward this to our team and keep you updated on that. Thanks.
  8. Glad to help...My offer is a serious one.
    Right now however, I think there a bit too many steps one must take to fetch or read a book here.
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  9. Update:

    I have also enabled Tapatalk on our forums. If you browse CFS on an android, ios or windows mobile device, you will get the option of viewing our forums via their app. Give it a try. ;)
  10. Let's just remember that somebody's junk is another man's treasure.
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  11. New forum look is nice!
  12. I do like the new items added. It would be great if you showed what the default font and size is so when cutting and pasting we can put it into the default one, or make anything pasted automatically set to the default then we can adjust it afterwards. Also sometimes when I cut and paste text I CAN'T continue on from there. The board will NOT respond to the return key. I have to jump through hoops to get it going again.

  13. Hi Stan, this is what I would do after I copy something which is already formatted.I would switch the editor here to just plain mode (BB code editor) by clicking the 'AA' button on top of the editor. Pasting into this plain mode will remove all the formats from the text and display them in the default font family and size. Afterwards you can switch the editor back to the original 'rich editor mode' to make modifications.

    Regarding the enter key not responding, we are waiting for a newer editor (redactor) which has modern word processing features including auto-save. After installing that, we will look into the smaller improvements. :)

  14. Thanks I never thought of that...I'll try it.
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  15. You are welcome.

    Next improvement to come to CFS soon is installation of Google PageSpeed Module which apparently speeds up slow loading pages. A friend of mine installed it on his server and it gave him good results. I'm now going to give it a try. :)

    I'm leaving for a 3 week vacation in August and before that I'm trying to do whatever I can to upgrade and improve the site.
  16. Before ya go....Library Improvements??;)

  17. We are discussing that currently. Some team members are missing so we are still waiting for more suggestions from them.

    Below is some tech stuff regarding CFS speed improvements:
    Previously GTMetrix showed PageSpeed Grade: C (79%) and YSlow Grade: C (71%). After installation of Google PageSpeed Module it now shows me PageSpeed Grade: A (95%) and YSlow Grade: C (74%). That is some improvement.

  18. Yeh your suggestion worked well Jeff, thanks. I just switched to Chrome and noticed it is starting to slow down as much as IE10 did, so hopefully this module will speed up loading.
  19. Actually Google PageSpeed Module has already been installed and should have shown some difference. May be its a minute difference.


    In addition to the above, I have now joined Google PageSpeed Service which is only given to selected websites. When I registered CFS with them, they approved immediately. Now Google will be serving some of the contents of CFS from their own powerful servers, which I think is going to make noticeable differences in speed. While DNS settings propagates around the world, this might cause some temporary interruptions for some members here. Everything should be normal within a few hours.
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  20. If you are getting logged out even after you are logged in, go back to the log in area and enter details and keep the 'Stay logged in' box checked.

    This is an issue with the new Google PageSpeed service which I am trying to solve at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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