Feedback: Homosexuality and the authority of Scripture

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  1. Feedback: Homosexuality and the authority of Scripture

    If Genesis is rejected, then other “disagreeable” parts of the Bible will be rejected as well. So then how does anyone know which parts are true and which parts are untrue?

  2. I wonder if there are people out there who actually think science will ultimately end God, which I don't believe. I'm sure the creationVSevolution arguments will find peace with each other in the future, as everything has, and ultimately must do in order to survive.
  3. Christians should not have pick-and-choose type of christianity. Then the Bible is not the Word of God anymore. The Bible is clearly stating that the Scripture is God breathed.
  4. I dont think people nit-pick at which parts of the Bible thye believe. I think that some people just know that the Bible is allegorical, metaphorical, and parabled in some places. This does not mean it has no truth within it.

    I just think all the creationists are just so upset and bothered by new ideas that it makes them rethink their entire faith, and try to justify anything they can with things like "answers in genesis", and I find much of the information in there misleading. The more you dig, and the more you find, the more questions that remain unanswered. I mean, dinosaurs with man? Sorry, but God wouldn't trick us like that and tell us stegosaruses were running around when we were when they died out long ago.

    But people DO nitpick the Bible.

    Levitical law says we cant eat shell-fish. But God-willing, we do eat shellfish.

    This is a better argument than creationism is when it comes to OT v NT. People don't follow levitical law, but will still stand fast next to genesis, even though its stories/legends stem from centuries wayyy before Leviticus. Genesis has its roots within the cultural aspects of the Pheonecian civilizations of centuries before(the garden of eden did not come from the OT, but rather from other, older 'stories' passed down by word of mouth).

    We eat shell-fish. So how come certain parts of the Bible it is okay to disregard, but other equal in value parts of the Bible, it isn't okay to disregard?

    Dont answer, because there isn't an answer. Well, not a good one. No one has given me one ever that made logical sense. But, then again, the Bible isn't really logical, but teeters on the edge of magical. but we're been taught thta magic doesn't exist.

    So did magic exist along time ago, like int he day of Moses (his staff snake ate the other staff snakes)? and magic just disapeared after Jesus? I don't know, and I don't think its necesary to know for one's spiritual growth.
  5. i agree, frylok. and the thing is, the bible was never meant to be read as a scientific text. it's got far more important concerns than that. which is not to say that science is unimportant. it just has its place like any other created thing.
  6. Agreed. Science complements and supports the Word of God. So does history.
  7. "Agreed. Science complements and supports the Word of God. So does history"

    Very true Mustardseed -

    And sin and corruption is still sin and corruption

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