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  1. Most of us I think know that when Jeus restored Peter, He told him to "FEED MY SHEEP".

    That is exactly what Peter did. One of the great Biblical truths that Peter expounded upon is found in
    1 Peter 3:8..........
    "Finally, be ye all of one mind".

    When I think of being of one mind, I can not help but to think of the book of Acts and how God moved. Every chapter is filled with the acts of the apostles. That church was the greatest that ever existed!!!!


    They didn't have a big fancy building.
    They didn't have any technology.
    They didn't have any air conditioning.
    They didn't have any computers.
    They didn't have any programs.
    They didn't have any priniting presses.
    They didn't have any microphones.

    BUT NO church has ever been able to do more things for the cause of Christ that that first church.


    Acts 1:14 says..........
    "These ALL continued with ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication".

    This church had come together for one and only one purpose and that was to WORSHIP THE LORD!

    Today, the church brings people together for many reason and a lot of time for the wrong reasons.

    Some people come to church to be entertained.
    Some people come to church because their is a meal after the services.
    Some people come to church looking for a handout.
    Some people come to church to be seen.
    Some people come to church for business reasons.
    Some people come to church to get married.
    Some people come to church to get burried.

    People come to church for all kinds of reasons but the Bible tells us that the church in Acts came together to worship the Lord! They came for the right reason and God used them greatly. God has never been able to use a church until the people of that church come for the right reason. Peter says our relationship to each other should be one of conformity and unity around the Word of God to focus on the God of creation and the author of salvation.

    We must be willing to lay aside our own ideas, plans and opinions and conform to God's plan and purpose. IF and when we as believers do that, then and only then will be see Godly change in a world that has gone absolutly crazy.
  2. Great word Major. Being a Baptist teacher I am most excited by a person when they are not ashamed by "normal" convention to just close their eyes and be alone with God in the worship service. To many are stuck in this or that and are so busy digging their path into Hell.
  3. Thanks for the flowers bill!
  4. This is what I gather and I know I am being pedantic ;) .

    ''They didn't have a big fancy building.'' With no fancy building, wind and bad lighting causes distraction.
    ''They didn't have any air conditioning.'' Smell of sweaty guy next to you causes distraction.
    ''They didn't have any priniting presses''. Helps us to continue our studies at home.
    ''They didn't have any microphones.'' Helps us to hear the full message.

    Currently, there are no distractions for the spiritual believer and there are many distractions for the carnal believer. Lots of temptation for the flesh / being carnal for both. Good in the sense that the carnal are at least attracted in?

    Prior, there were many distractions for the spiritual and carnal believer. No temptation for the flesh. Would the carnal even come?

    Today spiritual believers are spread across many churches and many carnal people hear the truth. In a sense I think we are better off today. Unless their arise new distractions to preaching and praise and worship, like perhaps fancy lighting you expect at a club. I suppose the answer is that technology is good but so is moderation.

    But I agree with your overall point Major. Spiritual Christians who come together without distractions can really stir one-another up!
  5. I think this raises a point that has been made before and that is that the purpose of church service is the gathering of the saints. There should be no carnal people there, either carnal christians or unbelievers. Ministry to the carnal is a mattering of "going out into the world" to reach them. We do this through individual witnessing, crusades, and revivals where the preaching, setting, music, programming, and atmosphere are geared toward the target audience.

    I have no issue with padded pews, technologically advanced sound and lighting, air conditioning, or other modern amenities, though I may take issue with what sort of sights and sounds may come from the modern systems. That's an issue of content though, not comfort or technology.
  6. I respectfully beg to differ with the above statement, Rumely. In fact, there are plenty of carnal people sitting in church pews on any given weekend - especially for the big "holiday" events such as Easter, Christmas, and etc. The ministry to the "carnal" is not only beyond the church doors, it is also inside of those same doors. Broken and needy people come into the Lord's house for lots of reasons, not just to worship. Perhaps one reason is they are seeking an answer, some direction, or better still, a deeper relationship with God and understanding about what His Word has to say about His Love - all in the midst of "work[ing] out [their] salvation with fear and trembling." (Phil. 2:12) In fact, He says throughout the scriptures that we should bring the sick and broken to Him, as well as, going out into all the world to reach them. Not one or the other. However, should our/their carnal desires and actions continue or be allowed to go "unchecked" while in the church family, I say emphatically NO, but well, that's a different subject.

    Speaking for myself, and I'd venture to say many people in America, I was a carnal person sitting in a pew in a church in Duncan, Oklahoma on a summer Sunday in 1979 (like I did for many Sundays as my parents sent us to church via the church bus - PTL!! - because they did not attend church) until I met Him that day... I was singing along with the choir as I seemed to "float" (my words only!) to the altar where I found forgiveness and His Great Love. "Just as I am without one plea..." Leading up to my decision to become His child, my teachers were gracious enough to tolerate my carnality as ignorance and loved and taught me all the same. And all I can say for that is may His name be praised forevermore - I AM HIS and HE IS MINE!

    BTW, I want to be sharpened as iron sharpens iron, so please don't take my comments above to be critical...only another view.:)
  7. My point is that the church service should not be catering to carnality. To me, that would be kind of like having cake, donuts, and soda served at a Weight Watcher's meeting because more people will want to come that way. Obviously, those who come to a WW meeting are needy, and those who come to Church are broken and needy each in their own way, which is why the Church needs to focus on building them up in that which is healthy, strong, and Spiritual.
  8. You are so very correct my friend. The greatest mission field seems to be the pews of our churches.


    Because the gospel message has been wattered down to make it more tolerble to the masses.

    Example............when was the last time you heard a "fire ad brimstone" message on hell???
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  9. I completely agree! My ears have enjoyed many-a sweet feeling, peace-delivering message straight from the heart of Jesus, but as a mature believer, my spirit yearns for a church to teach the WHOLE Bible!

    But, alas, we are human and this side of heaven I don't think there's any chance for any of us (including those who are anointed with the gifts of teaching, discernment, and the like) to begin to understand the mind of the Almighty Creator. Onward we all strive!

    Praise God for another day to bask in his TOTAL and COMPLETE love and mercy BECAUSE and only because he sacrificed His One And Only for us and rescued us from eternity in that very real fire and brimstone! In fact, I believe that will be my shout for joy today and on the forefront of my mind! :D Hallelujah!

    Plus, imho, too many churches are "numbers" driven as if it were a business of theirs! :( ......Father, help us all!
  10. You are absolutely correct!! And I agree wholeheartedly!! Thank you for clarifying, my friend! :)
  11. Seeing as I am still waiting for my account to be deactivated...

    There has always been only ONE church of which Jesus Christ is the head. It just meets in different places and different times, even now. Geography and time are the only things that separate it. That is why you will see the churches of the NT referred to as "THE CHURCH at ...", "THE CHURCH in ...", etc.

    One of the most important functions of fellowship was for them to protect one another from false teaching and false prophesy and falling back into sinful ways. They corrected and taught and encouraged one another by studying carefully and understanding what is WRITTEN in the scriptures and later the preserved writings of the Apostles.
    Those who tried to twist or ignore the teachings and words of the Prophets and Apostles of the Lord to pursue their own versions and interpretations and encourage others to do the same were either expelled or shunned, or both. Even the Apostles bound themselves from teaching any doctrine or message other than what had already been given to them. That people were free to interprete the Bible as best suited them was just one of a great many false and heretical teachings. It is, and remains, quite contrary to the written word of God.

    There was no such thing as denominations each with their own particular doctrine and interpretration of the Bible. There was only THE CHURCH (and it wasn't the RC) and ... heretical churches teaching FALSE doctrine.

    But it is important to note that organised churches were already going off the rails by the time John wrote Revelation. What is more important to note is that while the Spirit condemned the churches, the PROMISES were to the INDIVIDUALS who remained faithful to the actual teachings and commands of the Prophets and Apostles of the Lord already given to us. It is about what WE choose to do, not what our churches choose to do. WE are held accountable for OUR choices.

    Sadly choosing to teach and abide by what is actually written by the Prophets and Apostles of the Lord will be met by fierce opposition by those in the wider "Christian" community who have chosen not to. Jesus has warned us this will be the case. But as Jesus Himself said, He did not come to bring peace.

    Luke 12:51 "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:"
    Make no mistake, raise up and properly wield the written word of God and you WILL cause division. But then that IS the purpose of a twoedged sword. That is what Jesus wants us to do with it. To divide the true from the false, the good from the evil. Those who are truly in Christ from those who simply cry "Lord". Those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit from those who are not, etc.

    Hebrews 4:12 "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."
    There are those prepared to lay aside the word of God for the sake of peace and quiet. Preferring to try and keep everybody happy in the illusion that if only those who are in Christ would keep quiet those not in Christ will not be stirred up to abuse and attack them. But those who are the salt of the Earth know better than to lose their saltiness just because it is not to everybody's taste.

    This thread is entitled "Feed My Sheep". The REAL problem today is not that the sheep are not being fed, it is the utter rubbish and false teaching so many are trying to force down their throats.

    We are indeed to feed the sheep but the sheep do not live by bread alone but by "EVERY WORD OF GOD".

    Luke 4:4 "And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God."
    And the word of God is what He has WRITTEN in the Bible, not what somebody wants you to THINK is written in the Bible.
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  12. We must be careful not to judge. Are we that holy that we consider other people in the church "carnal"? We must always remember that it is Jesus who will build His church.

    In all truthfullness we do not really know where other people stand in their relationship with Jesus. We may think that young guy with pink hair and tattoos is just sitting in church and classify him as a "carnal" Christian but tomorrow he could be the next Billy Graham.

    The 1st century church was not without its problems, in fact most of the NT was written to correct problems in the churches. Yes they had a huge annointing of the Holy Spirit but they also had false teaching, false prophets, disgruntled Jews trying to win them back and an Empire striving to destroy them.

    I have personally preached in a church with all the bells and whistles and also preached in a church which met all of Majors criteria in the first thread. Actually the church I preached in had less than that. The people sat on cold plastic chairs in a tent with only a small 60 watt light bulb in the centre. The wild animals were walking around outside. While I was preaching the one time a lion chased an impala outside the tent. In both environments I saw the work of God in the peoples lives and saw people come to salvation.

    It is not the environment which makes a church authentic, it is the people. We are all sinful by nature and will crave the sinful things of the world. The 1st century church did not have the comforts and technology as we have today but they still had the same sins - lust, immorality, money issues, pride, etc etc.

    The problem with some churches today is not the technology or comfort, but the lust for technology and comfort.

    No matter the size or type of church, we should all be at church to worship and bring glory and honour to the King. Sermons should be filled with encouragement, warnings, blessings, rebukes and hope. People should serve others first and then look after their own interests.
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  13. Amen, Kevin! But, to clarify my comment, and please forgive me for giving the impression; however, I wasn't trying to judge a particular person as carnal or not carnal. I was trying to say what I believe I've experienced and seen: that in many of the current western churches, despite the denomination, people sit in their pews and come and go every Sabbath/Sunday not having truly experienced the freedom and forgiveness that He offers, thereby, choosing to stay in sin/carnality.

    :: pondering - NOT pontificating!!:: Along those lines, I wonder if we "believers" were more real and less about putting on a show every worship service, how many people sitting in those pew or chairs would actually SEE the freedom and forgiveness in action and not leave each Sunday the same as they came. I have, at times, experienced the "shock and awe" response that some people have when they hear my testimony and realize how far He has brought me and that THEY CAN HAVE that much forgiveness and redemption, too. Praise be to God, they don't want a fake Jesus, they want a REAL JESUS.

    Is. 64:6 "...all our righteous acts are like filthy rags."​

    Personally, this thread has, again, challenged me to try to live my life in a real way - humbled, contrite, and honest before those He brings in my path. (so...thanks, Major!) :)
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