Fed Up

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Dusty, May 11, 2010.

  1. Fed Up

    Hey I hope that gets some one's attention !!!!!!

    I only just posted something new in a thread this afternoon and it is not showing up in " New Posts "... How can people find it ?
  2. If they haven't been on they will see it. Those that have been on but didn't have time to read it or reply yet would have to go to the forum it was in, or to all of them if they didn't know which one its in. That's why its not good for them to be combined and is better if they are separate from today's posts.
  3. My point exactly .... Thanks GodSpeaks . I find now people only tend to answer the present ones that are on the new posts .
  4. I noticed that. They don't go to others pages. Then at a certain time of day it will only show a few and not what was posted all day because of the difference in time, several hours. So then they think only a few posted.
  5. I know ... Hopefully Jeff will see this soon .
  6. I will forward this to Jeff's attention. I apologize for the inconvenience

    God bless,

  7. I am sorry and I don't mean to be mean and hopefully it will not portray that way . I know you all are all bogged down with the work load and I do apologize .
  8. Don't apologize Dusty. That is what I am here for. If any member has a problem or concern, I will do my best to address it. At this time, I am still waiting on Jeff to respond. I know he is very busy right now doing other things but I will let you know as soon as I hear from him.

    God bless,

  9. I agree with godbe4me. If you guys have problems, and if you don't get a response immediately, please let one of the moderator/administrators know so we can take care of it.

    Dusty, no need to apologize. We all get frustrated! I mean, I've been frustrated on another forum as well!
  10. Wow. I am so sorry. I'll be looking at it.

    By the way Dusty, actually I should be taking the blame. Our mods and helpers don't have all the technical permissions. Things like this and stylings are something I do. Most the of the time I am not here and I get to know about it when I get emails from Godbe4me and HisManySongs. I delay it because I'll be working somewhere and I can't get to the computer straightaway. So my apologies. :)
  11. Hi Jeff. Good to see you on here today :)
  12. Apologies accepted , Jeff . I do understand that you are a busy man ..

    I do like this format a lot better and it is easier on the eyes and easier to read. I did not mean to be rude so please accept my apologies as well .

    I did not want to bother the staff and thought this was the area where I should post these complaints and that you would see them here .

    Did you see our complaint also about not being able to access the 24 hour posts that were there before as todays post disappear so fast and it is hard to see the other posts and we have to go searching .

    Thanks for your attention in this matter Jeff ... God Bless
  13. Good to see you to GodSpeaks. :D

    Dusty, the todays post link is not part of the actual software so whenever I do an update on the software, there are chances that it could fall off. It's somewhat time consuming to go back and add it by reading some instructions. Sometimes, I'm hurry and I only get to update and not add the extra stuff. That is also why things get delayed. Anyway, I'll try adding that too. :)

    Missed you guys. God's doing awesome stuff in my life.

  14. We sure miss you too. Please share. I'd love to hear some of the great things the Lord is doing.
  15. I will at a later time. It's in the area of finance (clue). :)
  16. I"ve been praying for your health, spiritually and financially
  17. Thank you for your prayers. God heard them and blessed me. :) Keep praying for everyone in the CFS team and the whole community. :D

    Dusty, I asked about the new posts problem and they said "our own posts will not show up when viewing "New Posts". They are excluded from the results." May be this is why you didn't see your post up there. :)
  18. Jeff, I love the new look. Thanks for fixing that busy - ness.

    You are truly a blessing.

  19. Thank you for trying . appreciate all you do . God Bless and yes like " InHisLove says . the viewing is a lot better now and it is so nice and clear. .

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