February giveaway - The Outdoor Bible - Win a free Bible

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Jeffin, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. February giveaway - The Outdoor Bible - Win a free Bible

    The giveaway threads have begun! Our first christian promoter is the Bardin & Marsee Publishing.

    Please Note: Participation here has been extended to both US/International member. Anyone incuding moderators can participate.

    [​IMG] About the Gift


    THE OUTDOOR BIBLE® is printed on 100% plastic material, which makes it a fully waterproof Bible. It can be rained on, snowed on, or fully submerged in a body of water – with no damage.

    THE OUTDOOR BIBLE® is made to withstand the rigors of the outdoors – whether used on a backcountry trail, a boating trip, or at a park with your family – THE OUTDOOR BIBLE® will endure your chosen adventure.

    THE OUTDOOR BIBLE® will maintain its form during everyday handling and is resistant to typical outdoor wear and tear.

    [​IMG] How to Win:

    Visit the website of the Outdoor Bible® and reply to this thread with your opinions or suggestions or positive feedback. You can submit any number of replies. At the end of this contest, either the company or the Christian Forum Site moderator team will select the best reply out of this thread and he/she will be sent this gift TOTALLY free of charge. In case, of two or more best replies, the winner will be chosen at random. So let the contest begin! :D

    Contest Begins: 26 January 2007
    Contest Ends: 28 February 2007

    Click here: Read terms and conditions

    [​IMG] Company Contact Details:

    770.755.5428 - locally

    Bardin & Marsee Publishing
    1880 Woodberry Ct
    Canton, GA 30115

    Email: info@bardinmarseepublishing.com
    Website: bardinmarseepublishing.com, theoutdoorbible.com

    [​IMG] Promoter's CFS profile details:

    Username: theoutdoorbible (Click here for profile details)
  2. Pastor Gary wins!

    The best winning answer has been selected. The winner for this contest is Pastor Gary!

    Congratulations! :D :dance: :bow: :jesus-cross: :party: :guitar: ;)

    Also, to everyone else who took part here. Thank you very much and I hope you win the other contests. :D God bless.
  3. I looked at their site and I think they could really use a new (or better) colour scheme. They're mixing so many colours (some of which clash) that it doesn't look appealing. Remember also to keep the same colour scheme all throughout the website.

    On their products line, instead of having a colour and a size for each individual thing (clothing), they should have a "combo box" which lists all the variations in size. Instead of listing all the colour variations as well, they should just have a little box with the colours available in them and if they click on them, it will change the colour of the product you're viewing. It'd also be nice if they could see more detail on the products themselves.

    The website also looks very small on larger resolutions.

    Other than that, everthing else looks pretty solid. It has good content (especially the "Our Story" link).

    For advertising, I think they'd be smart to make a video of their outdoor product actually being submerged in water / get mud on it/ ect... and put it up on a popular video site like YouTube or Google Video. In the description they could tell where to purchase at.
  4. I think the webpage could be better designed - a lot of empty green space doing nothing, which could show us close-up pics of what the Outdoor Bible looks like.

    The idea is good though, and I think would be very appealing to young Christians doing out-of-doors pursuits such as living in tents on mountainsides. Good to being able to share God's Word around the campfire at night without worrying about flimsy pages being torn or muddied when the book is laid down.

    We have friends who are at this moment midway on a journey from Europe to South Africa, and calling in on mission villages and friends along the way - they would have had a use for a rugged bible I am sure as they go from parched desert to monsoon mud in their valiant old four-wheeler and seek the face of the Lord in the sticky bits.
  5. Thats a great suggestion.

    They already have video on how to use it. It's here: http://www.theoutdoorbible.com/t-video.aspx
  6. Blessings to those who created The Outdoor Bible.

    As a Pastor and Red Cross Chaplain Responder, the Outdoor Bible would be a godsend to our Chaplain Team... you see, we respond into post hurricane devastation areas and other natural disaster areas to provide spiritual comfort to victims, their families and to the first responders who must deal with the injuries, destruction and death. On several occasions responding into the devastation areas caused by Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina, our conventional Bibles have been subjected to sand, flood waters, debris, fuel spills, humidity, lingering thunderstorms and rain, and have literally fallen apart. What a joy it would be to have a Bible that is substantially immune to these destructive forces. It would allow us to be able to accurately quote scripture to those who are truly in need, rather than trying to piece together the remnant pages of a nearly destroyed conventional Bible. We thank the publisher for providing this truly amazing Outdoor Bible, not only to those who are involved in outdoor recreation, but to those of us who assist others under some very severe conditions. God Bless...
  7. I think this Bible is a fantastic idea; especially for our family. Our church uses the NASB translation.
    This would be fabulous for our daughter who has been known to leave books outside, on more than one occasion
    I also would think that it would be really good in order to take when we do day trips, the beach, pool etc. Places I would normally not take my Bible for fear of water saturation and or rough handling.
  8. The one thing that does not appeal to me about it is the separate "volumes", fine if you are doing a Bible reading on your own, but not very conducive for trying to do any sort of "study" or referencing within the Bible itself, having to open each individual volume for one verse or two, would make me less likely to want to use it.
  9. I saw it, but it didn't seem like much.

    Wow, if I win, just go a head donate it to Pastor Gary.
  10. Just a reminder. This contest is coming to an end soon and to win the prize, you need to have aleast 5 post.
  11. Ok. Sorry for the wait. Contest is closed and winner will be announced ASAP. :D
  12. So the winner is ............

    Winner is announced on the first page (second post). :D

  13. I am deeply appreciative of the Publisher and Jeff for this honor. Thank you so much and Blessings to all.
  14. Many thanks to the Publisher - Bobby Bardin, and to Jeff for hosting this monthly contest. Our Rectory in Alabama just took delivery of this excellent "Outdoor Bible ®" and it is going to be a wonderful addition to our Chaplain Responder equipment when we go into natural disaster areas.

    If anyone is an avid outdoors enthusiast and wishes to take the New American Standard Bible - ( New Testament ) with you without weather worries, please contact the Publisher and order yours. You will not be disappointed.

    Contact Bobby at:

    Bardin & Marsee Publishing
    Canton, Georgia, USA.
    Phone: 866-846-4338
  15. Just wanted to report back to everyone that our 'Outdoor Bible' has been with us during a couple regional post-tornado responses and it is a real asset to our Chaplain Responder team. I recommend this product because it has stood up to some really inclement weather tests and come through unscathed.
  16. It could not have gone to a more deserving indiviual!
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