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Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by Smiler, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Hello, friends,
    I am involved with four Wikis, and I find that each has some slight difference from the others in its detailed operation.
    There are actions on this one which surprise me, like the difference it makes if one clicks on Reply before or after typing an answer. There are other common actions, like quoting the previous person's text (with it fading out, etc.) and even finding a way why another member's name comes up in italic blue, or whatever.
    I'm not complaining, but feel embarrassed when things don't turn out as I expect.
    The other day Cturtle (bless you), seemed to confirm my status, and I had no idea how to acknowledge that. Would what I say be public ? In fact, what could I say?
    When the little box says Update your Status, I've no idea how to respond. And truth to tell, I'm not sure I would want to.
    The three figures by my name, do increase in value at times. The two on the left I understand, but the right-hand one makes me feel I don't deserve it. I feel that it is somehow making one's attendance to have a competitive flavour, and that worries me.
    I mustn't go on like this, but must say that I feel I should have thanked you, Cturtle, at the time, but really didn't know how.
    I hope this isn't going to be too public, but we learn by our experiments.
    And when I say "Blessings" I mean it.
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  2. Any and every like you get is well deserved Sir!!

    The blue italics on some ones name is called tagging them. It's two fold
    1. Respectful when you mention their name.
    2. It gives them an alert that some one mentioned their name.

    It's done by placing the @ sign before you type their name. No spaces inbetween and more then likely a pop up will show with the full name as you begin to type and you just click on it and it finishes it for you.

    Wrong way. @ Smiler
    Right way. Smiler

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  3. To update your status is an option and nothing you have to do. It can be anything you want really. And it will show up under your picture by your name if someone clicks on your name. For me I have placed a scripture, and have chosen to not update it, for I enjoy leaving the same one up at all times.

    Many people write different verses everytime they come in or even say they are blessed or grumpy or anxious or however they are feeling that day or moment. So it's really up to You.

    As far as replying to someone who has left a message just hit comment and a little box will pop up for you to write in.

    We love you very much and really are blessed to have you apart of pur fellowship.

    God bless you abundantly

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