Fear, Or No Fear?

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  1. Many people say God does not want you to be afraid, he is the comforter, and he loves you, fear is a tool of satan dadada, but how do you explain this "work salvation out with fear and trembling"
    It sounds like he kind of wants us to be afraid now doesn't it?
  2. we are told over and over to do two things:
    1. "fear not"
    2. Fear the Lord
  3. LOL exactly, so which is it?
  4. Philtppians 2:12 is where that quote is found.

    It does not say neither does it imply that we are to "work for" our salvation. The Philippians had already been saved.
    Our salvation is all grace but it is to be manifested in the daily life by glorifying Christ in everything we do..........hence
    "work out your salvation. "Make it known"..........."make sure thoose who know you know you are saved".

    "Fear & Trembling" are two words that describe the anxiety of the person who distruts his own ability to meet all the requirements to do his duty. This is not slavish fear, but wholesome, serious caution.
  5. distruts? or distrusts?
  6. You need to better grasp ''fearing the Lord''.
    See, nobody inherently fears God. Everyone, even the most evil know that God is patient, longsuffering and merciful. However the wise CHOOSE to fear God. We love the Lord and do not want to be in a place where He is not. So we walk the straight and narrow.
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  7. A verse that Rusty quoted in another thread on fear hits the nail on the head. Proverbs 8:13 To fear the Lord is to hate evil.
  8. Yup....And I think this is a matter of evil that one does, not just evil others do.
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  9. Think of it like this...do you fear your parents, or did you growing up? In a way, yes, because you knew if you disobeyed them, there would be repercussions. Now for normal parents, these repercussions would be like a slap of the hand, but it was a sign of their love. Life would go on, and we learn from our mistakes. Again, in a "normal" parent and child relationship, the children do, in a sense, fear their parents and with this fear comes obedience. At the end of the day, we still love them and know they love us.

    Unfortunately, for those who have been mistreated (like myself), our view of God and His love is often skewed. It then takes time to grasp the love He has for us, and to distinguish the difference between Him and our parents, with whom we may have not learned a normal feeling of love and fear.
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  10. "Distrusts".
  11. IMO
    fear is knowing
    if you do not know : nothing to fear
    if you know: you fear
    the thing now is the “know”
    we know nothing or wrong or we know is baseless: we fear the wrong things: so FEAR NOT
    we have no idea of who we are, what we are for, we seek happiness, we seek salvation: FEAR GOD

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