Fear or Faith?

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  1. Jermiah 34:1 – 35:19

    Because we do not listen to God today our nation is in very bad condition. As a people we have elevated ourselves to supersede God and in many cases to remove Him from our lives completely. This is not a new condition for any nation of the world, in fact, it is very common. And when we look back at history we find that when a nation refuses or ceases to obey God, they are defeated and, or, are taken over, usually by a terrible ruler as a punishment.

    This is when people cry out to God and return to Him. A little noticed recent event of similar circumstance is the near history of the South of Sudan, now known as the nation of Southern Sudan, still not much noticed. The people of northern Sudan were Islamic Followers and were the rulers of the nation. ¨I know,¨ but please pay attention to truth in events and ignore empty and hollow words. The Arab Islamic, the African Islamic, the American Islamic and every other Islamic Believer, for all of their empty claims, hate Jews and Christians and are duty (see that word, duty) bound to exterminate us. There are 164 verses in the Qu´ran that called for the ¨Humane¨ Killing of the Followers of the Book and the Jewish Believers.

    For those of us that believe and obey, nothing is frightening! We are expectantly excited but not frightened. For myself I learned obedience at the hand of my Stepfather, who loved me enough to punish me and explain to me why, and in the US Army. There were times in combat that I was mortified at my surroundings but the standing order to get my helicopter ready to fly always propelled me into service. In addition to the command to, ¨Fear not,¨ we are commanded into action by the last three verses of Matthew in the Great Commission.

    So you see, it is much like being a professional soldier, will you obey? Or will you sit in place waiting for your head to be removed? There is a proven rule of life on this Earth that has only been defeated twice and that was at the hand of God. The two to beat it were Enoch, who walked with God, and Elijah, who was removed in a Fiery Chariot. For everyone else the rule applies, ¨For every birth there is one death!¨ So you and I both were born for the first death and you, like I, being a Christian cannot die the Second Death, so why fear any way?

    May God always bless you and give you the strength to remain, forever true to Him, God bless!
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  2. I believe that fear and faith can be directly related.

    Hebrews 11:7 (NKJV)
    7 By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.
  3. I think to fear God is very healthy. But I know lots of people will try to say God doesn't want us to fear Him..
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  4. I believe we are to fear God but when it comes to our lives we shouldn't fear an outcome? I think if we come to God out of fear and not faith we will limit His blessing on us.
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  5. Oh my, it's my old friend, Bill! I wonder how he's doing?
  6. I believe, the "fear of the Lord" is not being afraid of, but, "to be in awe of" which means, "overwhelming feeling of reverence, and admiration" Usually when you are in "awe" of someone it is because you can not figure them out. How does he do that? What method does God use to be omnipresent? These are the kinds of things God reveals to us when we are his children. It is called Wisdom and understanding. Before we can even begin to get these answers, we have to first come to the place that we can not on own figure them out. Which is "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom."
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  7. I think fear means fear and awe means awe. When I read about Isaiah, it seems he was more in fear than he was in awe, and it was good.

    “Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.
  8. Does it soun
    Does it sound like Isaiah was afraid, and wanted to run away? Or was he in "awe" of the beauty of the Lord in his Holiness?
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    25 They did not fear the LORD; therefore the LORD sent lions among them, which killed some of them.
  10. Godly fear is key...needless anxiety isnt productive
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  11. What do you mean by Godly fear?
    Way to many thoughts pop up so I thought I would just ask you.
  12. If I was a non-christian I'd be afraid of everything, very afraid, but Christians have no need to fear anything, why should they?..:)
  13. For me, I fear God in the sense that I'm at awe of what He is capable of doing that man cannot do... "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." (KJV Matt 10:28).

    I don't fear God like the fear of an intruder or burglar in my house, but it's almost like a fear of respect that God holds the power to do whatever He pleases.

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  14. Amen....Reverence for the Lord. . Deep Respect.
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  15. I don't fear God because He is God and can do whatever He wants. As I don't believe 'the whatever He wants' ever includes anything evil. I fear God for being on the wrong side of what He is, good.

    I have two key examples that are forever on my mind.

    1. Ananias and Sapphira. Two children of God killed on the spot for sinking to a depth of evil. I believe that any Christian who continues willfully in a mortal sin needs to have an immense fear of God.

    2. Job's fear of God, for his children. It is just very interesting to read that Job (I am sure many Jews) used to wake up early to give God sacrifices for each of his children. Just in case they cursed God / sinned during their parties, 1 Job 5.
  16. 1. They lied to The Holy Spirit
    2. This sacrifice was not something that was to be done constantly as job did from Fear the devil was whispering in his ear.
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  17. The word most often translated in the Old Testament as fear is the Hebrew word [​IMG](transliterated as yirah) which can possibly mean fear, but also means awe, reverence, respect and devotion. A closely related Hebrew word is [​IMG] (transliterated as yare) which can mean fearful, but also means to stand in awe, reverence or honor.
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  18. Amen. That's what I was also implying in my previous post. 'Fear' in reverence of our Almighty Father. :)
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  19. The problem comes from poor translations into old English and today's use of words.

    Reminds me of magnets
    One way they pull together
    The other way they will not go together.

    It pays to have many version's at hand
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  20. 1. I disagree with neutering the fear of God. Whilst I agree it can be honor, it is also a very real fear. If we were standing next to Ananias and knew that we were guilty of the same evil, I doubt we will be experiencing a feeling of reverence and honor for God.

    2. I know we have discussed this in the past, but whilst re-reading Job this point you making never jumped out at me. Can you provide the scripture please. I am not sure if it was a common practice. I would have done it though if I was a Jew. This fear that Job had, every parent can relate to. It is a very real fear of God.

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