Fear Of Growing Old With Having Children?

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  1. has anyone here ever thought about this?

    Even though I am still light years away from being old, in my voluntary work as well from my life experience, I know one's sunset years is probably most difficult, it is a time when your health failing, and your social circle is greatly diminished ( most of your friends are either in failing health themselves, or died off), which means if one doesn't have any children or grandchildren, one can experience great loneliness or even isolation, not to mention lack of support, both emotional and practical.

    I remember reading this Christian article once, where the author break this taboo, which is one of the reasons people have children is because it is like having insurance policy when you are old.

    Now, I know that sounds pretty ghastly, but let face it, anyone who says such thought has not crossed their mind is probably lying.
  2. People with family, especially today, grow old with kids they've not seen in years due to an old fight or grudge one party is holding on to... both suffer from a terminal illness called pride. When one focuses on the Lord God He ensures we are blessed and have peace and joy. The things of this life grow strangely dim - as the song goes, and it's true. Just remember, your body never stops aging but your mind thinks you're in your 20's despite the age of your body. When you focus on the Lord with all your heart, you have the desires of your heart - i.e. Him! :D
  3. I don't think growing old would be bad at all. What more do you need than God and family?
  4. that was the point I was trying to make, growing old without family is a pretty scare thing.

    that why people have children.
  5. I don't understand what your question is? If you are anxious about the future remember God has it figured out.
  6. Perhaps some people do, I don't know. I'm not sure it's something that can be relied on though and attitudes seem to vary by culture. The Japanese by reputation anyway have a tradition of looking after their elderly. Over here (UK), one can get the feeling that too many just want to pack the elderly off to nursing homes...

    A slight drift but I'll leave you with a song:
  7. I think it would be a scary thing not to have kids or anything later in life. Your spouse may be gone, your friends are dead or dying, and you can't do anything on your own. I can't imagine being by myself and having to pay some kid to get things out of the cabinet for me because I can't reach it or something. That would be awful.

    My grandparents are starting to get to the age where they need help. My grandfather can't do anything on his own anymore. They have church members that come to their house and help them often. My parents won't help and I barely have enough money to visit once every other week. Without church members I'm not sure where they would be.
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  8. It's interesting, but my wife and I have always feared the opposite. That our children's concern for our health would restrict them from following the call of God into the world.

    ...and on a more selfish note I don't yet have the humility it would take to let someone look after me late in life :-/ Perhaps putting me in that situation will be God's method of teaching me said humility...

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