Fear In The Night

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  1. i'm not usually afraid of anything, okay dentist i'm afraid of and doctors.
    and EAR WAX.
    Yep, i'm terrified of earwax, When I get earwax buildup in my ear and suddenly it blocks off my hearing I
    go nuts. especially at night.
    like your asleep in bed and roll over and then that little ball of wax gets stuck cause I have one ear
    that has a slightly bent ear canal so the wax never falls out.
    Then I become all HOT and pannick and pray like I never pray.
    Its very hard to calm down.
    I love hearing. it is such a wonderful gift and to lose it for just minutes is ...yuk.
    So every couple of months I use wax dissolver, thank you Lord for waxdisolver.
    If I had to choose between getting my head cut off by an Islamic jihadist or earwax for a day,
    I would choose the Islamic militant, that is how much I think of it.
  2. Thallon, I am sure there are people who could cut your head off nearer to home than calling an Islamic militant.

    Alternatively, you could take authority in the name of Jesus and cast out that spirit of fear and panic.
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  3. ... and the bent ear canal...
  4. Hmmmm. I'll choose to stick with the title of the thread "fear of the night" rather than the subject of earwax.......bleh. I knew a christian prison minister who worked out at the refinery and he told me of one control room that had a basement and the basement scared the bejeeebeees outta him because he said he felt an evil presence down there, especially at night. When he was first told of that basement's wicked reputation he thought since he had the Spirit of God in him he would just march down there..no probem. But, when he actually went down there alone one night....he ound up running out of there filled with a kind of fear he had never felt before. And we're tlking about a guy who ministered to hard-core prisoners.
  5. Ministering to hard core prisoners is dealing with physically violent people, a totally different threat to demons.
    Those dealing with demons merely need to be sons of the most high, who know they have the spirit of Christ dwelling within them.

    Thus a mere slip of a girl or child can cast out the most threatening of demons, simply because the demon is terrified of what is within the believer, not their physical body strength, not their badge of office in the church, not their incense waving, not their theology!

    Jesus said, "If I cast out demons by the spirit of God, then has the kingdom of God come upon you."
    It was not Jesus as the son of God that did the work, but the spirit within him.

    We can also take from his words, the understanding that deliverance from demons is a part of the gospel, and a necessary ministry if we hope to see the kingdom of God manifest among us.
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