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  1. arrgh! I think they being eaten by caterpillars. Their leaves have all got holes..
  2. Shame. Do you have much trouble with caterpillars there?

    A UK gardeners pest is the cabbage white butterfly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pieris_brassicae
    Their larvae will gobble up your brassica leaves.

    We also have another problem with this family of plants as my mother was given something from a neighbour with clubroot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clubroot.

    OK, veg here not for flowers. We still can manage to get a crop of sprouts for Christmas when we try by picking a resistant variety but you are back to front compared to us with the seasons. Maybe, later, I'll try to ask on the NZ thread about this.
  3. Well not usually but they seem to like my sunflowers.
    I am growing a swan plant which is meant to attract monarch butterflies but dont see any caterpillers on that.
    Some times caterpillars munch my lambs ears...
  4. I bought some petunias and rain lilies today.
  5. Just a couple photos of some of our summer growth this year:


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  6. I can't quite make it out. I don't think they are but need to ask are those ducks real?

    What's the big tree?
  7. The Canadian Geese are something I have left of my dear late mother, who bought these clay or ceramic hand-painted birds for her garden but was never able to use them.

    The tree is an old Silver Maple, who has lost several large limbs over the past two very hard winters, and last fall we had an arborist come and cut off many long, threatening limbs, and we were a bit worried that it would not look very nice come this spring and summer, but it looks just fine!
  8. My favorite flower is the little flower of Lisieux ^~^

    But nature wise I love orchids,carnations,chrysanthemums...Flowers are so gorgeous...

    Also daffodils.
  9. Lobelia, verbena, pansies, tulips and polyanthus are my colourful delights at the moment and every time I look outside I smile [emoji4] I had poppies but they grew almost like a feral weed and I dug them up.
  10. Wow---I have only one poppy out of three that came up and went in past years, and I am going to have to move it, but I can't find it right now....I hope if I move it in the Spring it will survive! I surely wish it had propagated itself and I had the same problem you did, @Softly!
  11. If they are holes and not sections missing it is likely to be slugs. Put out "slug bait" (commercial slug poison) or a bowl of beer with a lid set on top that they can easily crawl
    under (they love beer, get drunk and drown in it).
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  12. I couldn't kill them, so I kept them and turned the old veggie wall into a poppy wall , if you lived close by I'd give them all to you and the snap dragons I just pulled up for the tulips, they're just about to flower [emoji173]️
  13. I can tell that you would do just that! Thank you for the nice sentiment! I will take my chances and move my one precious poppy and buy some more next Spring and make a little "grove" of poppies!
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