Favourite flowers

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  1. what are your favourite flowers??
  2. All sorts but I'll name some wild ones. The dog rose (road canina). I'll also say the primrose (primula vulgaris). And I like the corn poppy (papaver rhoeas)...
  3. Hydrangea


    White Roses
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  4. At the moment, chinese lanterns (abutilon) and fuchsias.
  5. Used to like popping fuchsias flowers as a kid.
  6. Lilacs...i remember a time when my dad used to stop and pick some for my mom
  7. I also have put in some balloon flowers, but they havent blossomed yet. I guess im a fan of nodding ones. Like snowdrops, but you cant get them here as it doesnt snow.

    Ive recently discovered hellebores (christmas or lenten rose) and bonus, they dont have thorns, although their leaves are a bit jaggedy.
    Hydrangea is also a beautiful posy of a flower..that changes colours.
  8. Planted a magnolia tree and also bought some freesias today, as bulbs. Cant wait for spring!
  9. Well, to get to favourite flower, I have to first get to my favourite plant.
    It's a fatty plant, and not easy to get it to bloom it's white flowers.
  10. Wow, looks similar to a frangipani, also a favourite.
  11. C'mon you guys, lets see some pics on what you're talking about!
  12. Ok

    Dog Rose:


    Corn Poppy:
  13. Lovely, I had such a poppy in my garden this spring!
  14. They are very common where I am (Norfolk, UK). Fields get ploughed up, they spray the fields with stuff but the poppies can still come back. There quite a few growing on the edge of the field by our veg plot.

    We also have another poppy native to the UK growing around our garden. I think my mother planted this one to start with but it's set itself in a few places. That one is the Welsh Poppy:

  15. Gorgeous pics!

    I now have iceland poppies in my garden, bought some potted colour the other week. Also, violets.

    I have sown some poppies as well, they meant to be flanders ones on anzac day. Except not really sure if they germinated cos it just looks like weedy rosettes to me, no flowers yet...
  16. This is one of my hibiscus...although now its getting a bit chilly so have been needing to protect her from frosts. image.jpg
  17. The Flanders Poppy should be the same one as I'm calling the Corn Poppy. Common names do vary and the same names can refer to different plants... but that (Papaver rhoeas) is the one that grew in Flanders.
  18. @boltardy : I so love your picture of the Welsh Poppy!

    I planted two red poppies in my front garden about 3-4 years ago, but only one ever blooms. I was told they do reseed themselves very well, but I have not seen more than this one come up and bloom with only one single flower. It is so beautiful, but such a fleeting enjoyment!
  19. Perhaps someone in your area might be able to advise why yours might be struggling. My own UK experience at is that they do reseed themselves very well - almost too well - your problem more likely would be they are popping up in places you don't want them. Another thing with these is the seeds can lie dormant for years.
  20. The Snowdrop, gives hope for milder days as it is among the
    first to make it's way through snow to share it's beauty.


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