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  1. Costa Mesa, Catalina Island, and San diego and Los Angeles.
  2. Right on. I wanna see pictures!
  3. I'm sure i'll take a few
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  4. Hmmm Lets see what was that? ah my name is Jim , no that's no help...ummm hang on I will get it.....Oh yea FISHING......Boating....Fishing....
  5. Nice, i'm going fishing right now wish me luck lol
  6. I have two black belts in different karate styles; I suppose this is my favorite. :LOL:
  7. I like mainly Football, Pro and College. I do follow NCAA Basketball, during March Madness. I also like Hockey and Wrestling.
  8. Definitely football (American). Baseball a not too distant second though.
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  9. Who are your favorites for Football and Baseball? Mine is New England Patriots, and Ohio State Buckeyes, for Pro and College. As for baseball, I am a Cinn. Reds fan.
  10. Oh no - Ohio State! :eek: Michigan and Michigan State for me! I am a long suffering Lions fan, but I also like New England. Detroit Tigers fan through and through for baseball! The other team that I root for (except when they are playing Detroit) is Tampa Bay Rays.
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  11. Jim Harbaugh is coaching the Wolverines this year. I like Jim Harbaugh as a coach . On and off the field he is a great guy.
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