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  1. Cheerleading ;-)
  2. Only Cricket is my favorite game.
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  3. Sand volleyball.
  4. Punching and kicking a punching bag. :)
  5. Surfing, if I had to pick only one.

    Shooting, boating, biking, fighting, hiking/beachcombing, and skating also top the list of weekly activities though.
  6. I've never surfed but I love watching surfing videos. I can name almost all the known big wave spots haha. Only thing that stinks about surfing is that you become prey to man-eating sharks!
  7. Eh, the sharks are ok. They don't mean us any harm (hence the term shark 'bite' not shark 'eat'). I've seen 'em less than a few feet away. It they are swimming parallel to me, I stay put. If they are on a direct course, I get off my board, into the water, and swim toward them. Once they realize I am not what they thought I was, away they go. :cool:
  8. My favorite sport is avoiding sports! My favorite player: me!

    Wallllll, I do watch
    when it's on.
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  9. Soccer is really a word from the British. But they have let it fall into disuse like faucet and candy. Now its taps and sweets.

    English is a bizarre tongue.
  10. Can't watch sports. Have to play them.

    Like archery the best.
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  11. duplicate post.
  12. I'll believe you on that but also comment.

    Although I could use either, I think I'd be more likely to use "association football" than "soccer" if I needed to distinguish between different forms of football to someone else from the UK.

    Faucet, I've never know used.

    Candy is used, eg. cough candy, candy floss (I think you call it cotton candy) and (although this may just be me) if I just heard the "candy" used on it's own I would be expecting something of a soft sugary texture. Sweets covers the whole group including various "candies".
  13. Faucet is very old. Hasn't been in use for centuries. It is middle french and well after 1066 French became the court language and filtered into everything. Bung would have been used for the same thing among the peasantry.

    Good examples are cow, pig and sheep are the Anglo-Saxon common use words, Beef, pork and mutton is the fancy French influence.

    Candy does survive in some terms, but the use again has declined for a long time. Candy is again a Middle French word.

    I find it very funny that the Brits try and put away as many French terms as possible and the Americans try and not use as many British words as possible.
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  14. The faucet is where my water comes out of and candy is what's sold at the store down the road. :)

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  15. I enjoy watching most sports, but I have a special soft spot for football(soccer).

    Playing, my top four would be Football(soccer), Fencing(saber or foil...not so much epee), Basketball and Rugby.
  16. Really?! What's your best sword?
  17. India 117-4 as I type this. :)
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  18. American Football. Go Seahawks!
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  19. Yeah I guess you're right. I've become a lot more brave since becoming a Christian otherwise i'd go on common sense, and my common sense says to not go into a shark infested ocean lol. Now i'm just like, welp... if i'm meant to get eaten than so be it...I won't be too happy...but I don't think God wants me to go out that way. I'm going to Cali on the 20th, and i'm gonna enjoy those great white infested beaches!
  20. Lol, very true. What part of Commiefornia? My dad was born and raised out there and I still have other family there. Spent nine days out there last October. Took three of them just to drive the PCH from Monterey Bay, down to LA, and up into the Hollywood hills. Nice place to visit.

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