Favorite Psalms?

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  1. Of course, folks, there's plenty of Psalm 119 to keep us busy...

    Interestingly, every section is about some aspect of the word/law of God.

  2. Psalms is one of my favorite books. Reading it at least once daily.
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  3. Jacoj: Makes a lot of sense, really; there are so many of them, anyway. I don't go by the Anglican prayer book, but in it the Psalms are divided so that they can all be read/sung every month. Blessings.
  4. PS: Mind you, the sung Psalms in the Anglican church are in the Coverdale version, while a lot of Presbyterian and Reformed folk sing them in the Metrical Psalms. (I'm not into Exclusive Psalmody, though, by a long shot...) Blessings.
  5. PS: My comment about Psalm 111:9 :

    It's very interesting that the word 'reverend' is actually applied to God rather than to some clerical official (who might not even know the Lord).

  6. I loooooove the psalms! My very very favorite is Psalm 139!! I think I have more favorite verses from the Psalms than actual full psalms lol. I'm currently re-reading that book now ^_^
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  7. Hi Sura! my wife and I have been through the Psalms together more than once.

  8. hello everyone, the psalms have their own specialness don't they.

    I will never forget when I was deathly ill, all I wanted was someone to read from psalms to me. It didn't matter what psalm it was, I just needed it to be spoken to me. It comforted me like nothing else.

    Psalm 142 has always been a biggie to me all my life. Holds meaning for me personally. Just with struggles I have had.
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  9. unicorn21:

    There is such a range of meaning, emotion, experience and especially truth in the Psalms that the Lord's people are poorer if they don't read them and feed on them.
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  10. PS: In fact, with regard to the wide and deep range of meaning, emotion, experience and truth that is contained in the Psalms, I guess a comparison could be made with a concert with a Christian hard rock band such as Disciple, playing a track such as 'Battle Lines', where the combination of full sound reinforcing hard hitting words from Scripture seems truly unanswerable and greatly encouraging. (My further two cents'.) Blessings.
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  11. One of my favorites is Psalm 139. I love it so much, I put most of it in a song I wrote. Since God knows each one of us so intimately, how can we not pray, "Father, Your will be done"?
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  12. Sparrow:

    Yes, He knows our thoughts afar off.

    Yes, 'searching' is an apt description of the Psalms.

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  13. Jacoj: If you say you read Psalms daily, you must have gotten a really good knowledge of them by now.

  14. Another one of my favorites is Psalm 91. I love our heavenly Father's promise that because we love Him, He will answer us and rescue us when we're in trouble. This is just so wonderful to know! Puts a smile on my face for sure! :)
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  15. Hi Sparrow:

    I think 'Shadow of the Almighty' was taken from Psalm 91 for the title of the first book by Elizabeth Elliot, widow of Jim Elliot.

  16. One of my songs, entitled simply "Psalm 91" starts out with:

    He who dwells in the Secret Place
    In the shelter of the most High
    He will abide under
    The shadow of the Almighty
  17. Sparrow: Hey this is great! are you a songwriter? a singer, too?

    The Psalms have certainly inspired a great deal of song and praise: they were originally for singing anyway, rather than reading.

  18. With the Lord's help I am. :)
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  19. Sparrow: Hey this is wonderful! So do you sing in churches? I guess if so you include other hymns and spiritual songs in your repertoire and not only Psalms.

  20. I've done a duet once in Church, but this was before I began writing songs. I have sung my own songs at an Assisted Living facility, however. I've never written anything but Christian songs. Thanks for the encouragement. :)
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