Favorite Modern Day Preacher

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  1. Who is your favorite modern day preacher? Name only one!
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  3. My Pastor! (Maybe another Pastor of friend of mine-but he shall go unnamed as per your request.)
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  4. I hope everyone answer "MY PASTOR" else it may be time to switch churches. :)
  5. May be I should change the post a little! Favorite preacher other than your church pastor.. Now, let's see..
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    That is one of the most misunderstood things today and why churches are fallen..Most people don't understand that there is a difference between the two..Pastors lead the sheep, preachers preach the gospel. Most leading sheep today are just trying to preach the gospel( with very little understanding) instead of actually leading the sheep, hence the condition of the churches...And the Bible says these guys are going to pay a huge price when the Lord returns.

    Although I am not a Baptist, nor do I believe in 'denominational systems', I do like the way Paul Washer preaches. ( I do not necessarily agree with everything he says, but he definitely has a zeal for the Gospel)

    Click here to see the sermon 'shocking youth message' :

  7. Not gonna say, because that will spark debate. And, don't try to guess, or pry it out of me. I will message the original poster personally.
  8. Dana, you should say...perhaps it is someone we should all hear, or perhaps it is a dangerous wolf in sheeps clothing that you don't realize and need warned of..food for thought

  9. Okay. Don't yell at me about this guy, but it's Joel Osteen. Let's not start debating, cause it will get this thread locked. And I don't want it locked. Can we agree to not fight about Joel because it is about the same thing? I said to the mods I wouldn't bring his name up, cause of the debating.
  10. Fair enough...I hope everyone honors it and does not debate it. However, would you mind if someone sends you a PM, are you willing to discuss his preaching?Also, go look at my post above and watch that sermon..then compare it to sermons you are used to. I'd like to hear your thought on the difference between the two preachers! Take care


  11. I do not wish to have anyone send me a pm about this. They will try to make me turn away from him, and that's not what I'm gonna do. So, please no pm's about this subject. Thank you for honoring my wish.
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    I had already replied to your PM when I saw this, I will not send you anymore unless you engage me first...God be with you.

  13. I've always had a soft sport for Nicky Cruz.

    I also love Fr. Robert Barron.
  14. St. Mary, though few would take me seriously.
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  15. Few would, but I think that's a wonderful answer.
  16. Is St. Mary modern day?
  17. Kenneth Copeland!
  18. Though Michael, as I write this, I am listening to some of the Abounding Ability messages from Keith Moore! Hah!
  19. No and yes.
  20. Interesting.. Would you mind explaining how?

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