Favorite Christmas hymns?

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  1. We're approaching that time of year and I'm always looking for new ones.

    Does anyone know The Angel Gabriel? It's quite beautiful, here are the lyrics:

    The angel Gabriel from heaven came,
    With wings as drifted snow, with eyes as flame:
    "All hail to thee, O lowly maiden Mary,
    Most highly favored lady." Gloria!

    "For know a blessed mother thou shalt be,
    All generations laud and honor thee;
    Thy son shall be Emmanuel, by seers foretold,
    Most highly favored lady." Gloria!

    Then gentle Mary meekly bowed her head;
    "To me be as it pleaseth God," she said.
    "My soul shall laud and magnify God’s holy name."
    Most highly favored lady." Gloria!

    Of her, Emmanuel, the Christ, was born
    In Bethlehem all on a Christmas morn,
    And Christian folk through-out the world will ever say:
    "Most highly favored lady." Gloria!
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  2. Haha, so early on this one.

    Nevertheless, my favorite Christmas hymn is Ding Dong Merrily on High.
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  3. I love that one too, it sounds so British (but is in fact French in origin).
  4. Oh yes, supermarkets already sell all the Christmas decorations and chocolates, it´s time to talk about it. I like this one:

    And I really like the version of this song that Pillar published last year but I don´t know whether it is allowed to post rock songs here so find it on youtube if you are interested :D
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  5. For me it's a toss up between 'O holy Night' and 'God rest ye Merry Gentlemen'.
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  6. I like singing that one.

    I'll try to point to a couple that may be less well known at least over here.

    The Zither Carol:

    The Cowboy Carol:

    Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells (/While Shepherds Watched)

  7. Hm, does "Baby It's Cold Outside" count?


    But in alllllll seriousness, I have to choose "Oh Holy Night."
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  8. For something a little different, here's the Carol of the Field Mice from the children's book The Wind in the Willows.

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  9. No but for something that was a chart hit in the UK, maybe Mary's Boy Child?

    I've been trying to dig up so memories of things we learned in Singing Together on BBC Schools Radio. How abot Mary Had A Baby.

  10. If we're posting videos of the hymns....

  11. I've never heard that one. The instruments and harmony (not that I could do it) are very much in my sort of "folky" tastes. Had to get my mother into my room to listen to it. WIW was one of her childhood favourites. She's just told about this part of the story.
  12. I am glad you liked it. There was never any music written for the Carol of the Field Mice, it was just the words in the storybook, so these folks wrote their own melody and I agree, it's absolutely fantastic and everyone should hear it. I have folkish tastes myself.
  13. O Holy Night is my favorite :) It brings tears of Joy to my heart every time i hear it.
    Actually when i got saved in 92 @ that moment that song was playing in my retreat. What a great memory that is.
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  14. I like the way that was put together :D

  15. Baby it's cold outside counts.

  16. What a very nice curve ball to the forums :)
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  17. Christmas tends to bring out the best in everyone.
  18. Eh. I may be the few that don't enjoy Christmas :p I used to!

    But Christmas songs are still my favorite! :)
  19. My favorite to sing solo: Oh Holy Night & One Small Child by David Meese.
  20. I find it a period of mixed emotion. Sometimes you can put your knife and fork into turkey breast and wonder why you are indulging like this. Sometimes it's coincided with my own periods of other trouble. Probably, more generally, I think we can ponder how commercial so much of it seems to be.

    Of course songs, even chart songs can hold memories. I'm (in terms of popular music - I was born in 1960) a late 60s/70s child so if you did want to go Christmas Songs, even Slade and the days of Glam Rock have memories...

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