Favorite Christian Movies?

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  1. I would say the message is christian because its about feeding sheep and lambs.
  2. And also observing Sabbath, like that farmer never took a day off.
  3. And being a good shepherd.
  4. I liked the TV series Highway to Heaven.
    Sister Act 1 and 2
    Because of Winn-Dixie
    Francis of Assisi
  5. Highway to Heaven is a great show. I miss Michael Landon.

    Sister Act 1 and 2 were good movies (though some discrepancies within them...but then again, it's just a movie).

    Francis of Assisi is also a great movie.
  6. Jesus of Nazareth, the one with Robert Powell as Jesus.
  7. Sound of music is a great movie.
    Maria did not make a good nun lol.

    Also audrey hepburn played a nun in The Nuns story, based on a book about sister Luke.
    I think was her name. True story, as was Maria Von Trapps, but the movie version kinda made it more entertaining.
  8. The Sound of Music may be one of my favorite movies of all time. You have great taste in movies.
  9. I think maybe i am like a singing nun without the habit and belonging to the rc church. Lol.
  10. I watched a ballet of Cinderella last night.
    except fell asleep near the end, only cos I was tired, not because it was boring.
    While ppl say it's a fairy tale, I'm kind of thinking. Is it? because of the FAIRY godmother. But..Godmother? Are we not godmothers to those younger than us in our care? (or godfathers).

    Also, while Cinderella may have been wishing instead of praying, her wish was granted. And also, her Prince ministered to her needs by thinking of her feet. or something. Maybe I'm just trying to think how christian this story can be. Cinderella was humble and had to live with a wicked stepmother, she was fatherless, she dreamed of a Prince...her fairy godmother acted like an angel and minstered to her in her time of need. She became a bride...
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  11. There have been a few articles surfacing since the live-action Cinderella movie in finding a comparison of Christian virtue found in both Cinderella and the prince.
  12. I had the live ballet version on DVD. A friend and I were going to see the recent live-action movie, but we went out for dinner instead.

    I can't remember seeing the cartoon disney version, but of course, I know the story, it's like every girl knows it. I'm going to borrow the Sleeping Beauty ballet version next.

    I also really liked Beauty and the Beast, but I know that's kind of dangerous in terms of fairy tale because many women end up with beastly husbands who STAY beasts. Because they think their love can change them. Only Jesus can tame an unruly lion, or at least, stop his mouth.
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  13. I am going to be watching the movie, "Faith Like Potatoes" sometime tonight, and will let y'all know how it is!
  14. I agree! I never get tired of watching SOM. I've loved it since I was a small child. Oddly enough, I'm not huge into musicals, but that ones just resonates with me.
  15. Saw Chappie the other day and thought it was really good.
    Had themes of forgiveness and resurrection!
  16. Unconditional was really good as well.
  17. This one looks interesting, but it was definitely overshadowed.

  18. I still like " Touched by an Angel" with Roma Downy
  19. That show really speaks to my child nostalgia. I remember watching it every Sunday with my family.

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