Favorite Christian Movies?

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    Hi everybody,
    Anybody have any recommendations for good Christian Movies? preferably ones that are available on netflix or Amazon Prime (if they aren't, but are especially good, that's ok too!)

    It's unfortunate that the "quality" of such films is often not that good, but that doesn't bother me...

    I really liked the movie "Camp" that came out in 2012 or 2013. It had me in tears more than once during the film.
    The movie "What if..." is basically the Christian version of "The Family Man." I actually enjoyed it very much.

    Anybody else?
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  3. What kind of movies you are looking for? Passion of Christ is simply amazing.. Very moving to see what our Christ did for us and went through.. There are some good youth based or family based movies as well.. I find movies from Pureflix studies enjoyable.. They have some good ones..
  4. I also found Noah entertaining.
  5. Passion of the Christ was on the other day but I wasn't in the subtitle-reading mood. I tend to like the more light-hearted modern stuff :)
  6. Fire house Fire starter Fire something I know you guys know what I mean hehe. I think my brain is fried from these Ghost chili's lol.........NOT! lol
  7. Sgt. York - a true story. That's my favorite.
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  8. I'll have to check that one out. I like true stories.
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  9. Fireproof?
  10. 'Jesus of Nazareth' (mini-series); The Jesus Film; 'God's Not Dead'; St. Peter..
  11. Some movies I enjoyed..

    Facing the Giants
    This is our time (I simply love this one)
    Encounter (some may not like how Christ was represented.. But I think the movie sent the Gospel message nicely)
    Passion of Christ
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  12. Ya that's it! Fireproof
  13. I'm watching "This is Our Time" right now! It's pretty high quality for a Christian flick

    Anybody else seen the movie "Soul Surfer"? It's "Main Stream" but apparently it was supposed to have a lot more of a christian theme to it, but they changed it. I enjoyed that one too.
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  14. They actually sell Soul Surfer in my local Christian book store. I've never seen it though.
  15. Prior to the film's commercial release, it was screened for religious leaders. A scene in which Dennis Quaid's character reads the Bible in the hospital at his daughter's bedside had the words "Holy Bible" digitally removed from the cover. Bethany Hamilton's father said that David Zelon, an executive at Mandalay Pictures, lobbied to reduce the Soul Surfer's Christian elements so the film could appeal more to non-Christian audiences. The Hamilton family objected, and the words "Holy Bible" were restored in the scene in a follow-up screening. Another debated scene was one in which Carrie Underwood's character, a church youth leader, quotes biblical scripture (Jeremiah 29:11[15]). While those involved with the film were fine with the verse, they did not want the scene to explicitly indicate that its origin was the Bible. Their stance was challenged, and the scene indicates the verse being from the Bible. The Hollywood Reporter cited the dust-up as an example of Hollywood learning to appeal to the faith-based community while still attracting secular audiences. The Blind Side, which accomplished both, had grossed $256 million in the United States and Canada.[16]
  16. If you guys have the Bible (youversion) app, go to videos and watch the movie called simply "JESUS" by Jesus film media. Or you can look it up online, it's a free movie that goes off of Luke's gospel.
  17. I watched FireProof last night because I found out it's on Netflix. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to just be about firefighting and more of a "guy" movie, but I had no idea what the story was about. Wow, it was pretty good. Suspenseful too! :)
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  18. The Gospel of John
    Faith Like Potatoes
    Fire proof
    Fly wheel
    What if
    Facing The Giants
    The Greastest Gift....It may be secular but it is GOOD !!
    Thats what I can see any way. lol

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