Favorite Christian Authors

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  1. Do you have any favorite Christian authors? The following are mine:
    1) Stephen Lawhead
    2) Stephen Bly
  2. I don't know those authurs, what do they write about? Fiction of non-fiction?

    My favourite Christian authors include Francine Rivers (especially The Mark Of The Lion series), Frank Peretti, Perry Stone and Rebecca Brown.
    I am currently reading a book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn and have read some of his fictional books too. I am finding the book quite interesting and think he should be added to my list :).
  3. For Fiction, I like CS Lewis, Frank Peretti, and Bryan Davis
    For Nonfiction, I like Joshua Harris, Ray Dunning, Eric and Leslie Ludy

    I plan on expanding that list a bit more this year since I'm finally finished with school and have some spare time to catch up on my reading.
  4. Fiction: CS Lewis
    Non-Fiction: John Nelson Darby, Clarence Larkin, William Kelly
  5. Yes, the writings of Darby and Scofield have really helpful ways of distinguishing the dispensations in Scripture.


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